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What is the relationship between terrorism and globalization? Does trans-national terrorism reflect the deviant/dark side of globalization?

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Name: Aw Yuong Tuck Student Id: 23725516 Q5: What is the relationship between 'terrorism' and globalization? Does trans-national terrorism reflect the deviant/dark side of globalization? From this essay, I will explain the relationship between terrorism and globalization. Terrorism has always been defined as a very negative ideology and philosophy for western countries, and even until today, there has not been a single agreed definition of terrorism (Seumas Miller, 2009; Aref, 2003). "An author writing in the 1980s listed more than hundred definitions, and since then, there have been numerous additions" (Walter, 2003). Different countries, people and organizations interpret the meaning of terrorism differently. Terrorism is an ideology that promotes fair and equal status in the world. The vision is similar to Marxism, but terrorism uses more violent ways to achieve its goals, and most of the time terrorist will be involved with activities related to bombs, kidnapping, suicide bombing and cause a lot of material damage (Walter, 2003). "The term 'Terrorism' has now everywhere a bad, negative connotation in contrast, for instance, to 'guerrilla,' which enjoys a far more positive reputation" (Walter, 2003).Terrorism occurs for a lot of reasons. It has some internal and external reasons. ...read more.


People living in Iraq felt unfairness and they suffered from the lack of freedom of rights. They will then put all the blame on the United States because that's the only country that is dominating the culture in other countries. It influenced Iraqi's Prime Minister that forced them to be westernized. Globalization has speeded up development of economics, technologies, and other aspects in the world. In aspect of economics, it linked the whole wide world together create an international open trading market. It allows the country that have initiated the trading market to the world gain profit and chances to make more profitable deals. This is done through overseas trading as well as neighboring countries. Besides economics, it also helps the development of communication. British Prime Minister Tony Blair (African Business, 2008) said that "Globalization is forcing changes in how people collaborate in a fundamental way, because we are interconnected now and the world is interconnected now." Terrorism was given a very good opportunity to rise up because of the rising of interconnected world that is influenced largely by globalization. Globalization is partially good but it still does harm. Osama bin Laden, the famous terrorist believed that, the United States foreign policy harms the Muslims in the Middle East. ...read more.


It is hard to fulfill everyone in the world with a single ideology and it is impossible because everyone has different views and ideology (Karen, 2004). To keep the peace in the world United Nation must have a strong position in the world to keep every country in peace. Reference: Adrian Karatnycky, 'Under Our Very Noses: The terrorist next door,' National Review, 5 November 2001 Anonymous, African Business: What happened at Davos?, Jun 2008, Pg46 Aref M. Al-Khattar, (2003). Religion And Terrorism: An Interfaith Perspective. 88, Post Road West, Wesport, CT 06881: Praeger Publishers. Karen Armstrong, 'Resisting modernity,' Harvard International Review, 25:4 (2004), 40-45 Kristian Soby Kristensen, 'Tourists or Vagabonds? Space and Time in the War on Terror' Academic Research Library, 33:2, Apr-Jun 2008, Pg249 Lawrence Davidson, Islamic fundamentalism: An introduction, Wesport: Greenwood Press, 2003, 73-76 Saumas Miller, (2009). Terrorism and counter-terrorism : ethics and liberal democracy. 9600 Garsington Road, Oxford OX4 2DQ, UK: BLACKWELL PUBLISHING Thomas R. Mockaitis, & Paul B. Rich. (2003). Gramd Strategy Against Terrorism: In The War. Crown House, 47 Chase Side South gate, London N14 5Bp. Frank Class and Company Limited. Walter Laqueur, 'Toward a definition, or Humpty Dumpty and the problem of terrorism,' in No end to war: terrorism in the 21st century, New York: Continuum, 2003, 232-238 ...read more.

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