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Working In Organisations: HFS1012

Multidisciplinary working learning highlight

The aim of this assignment is to examine the concept of multidisciplinary working in relation to a practice experience. This will be achieved with reference to the multidisciplinary assessment of an older person using the single assessment process. The assignment will discuss multidisciplinary working in the context of teams, networks and organisations. It will further address both inter-agency and inter-professional working. Finally it will examine ways in which discrimination and oppression can occur within teams and organisations.

Weinstein et al. (2004) have said of the term multi, “The term ‘multi’ tends to be used where agencies, professionals and team members work in parallel, maintaining distinctive organisational, intellectual and professional boundaries” (p.16). Multi disciplinary working in the context of my practice therefore involves working alongside other professional from health and social care organisations.

The diverse nature of professionals involved in multidisciplinary working is precisely its strength. Valuing diversity and working positively with other professionals is an important part of practice in social work. This is recognised in The General Social Care Council Codes of Practice (2002) standard 6: 6.7.  Multidisciplinary working should take a person centred, holistic approach. Work towards empowerment through effective partnership and collaborative practice amongst professionals should complement the partnership created between professionals and individual service users.

Multidisciplinary working has much to commend it, as it provides an arena for sharing responsibility and allowing workers and service users to benefit from the viewpoint and expertise of people from other disciplines.

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(Thompson and Thompson, 2007, p.45)

The practice experience which I will refer to involved the multidisciplinary assessment of a 72 year old Asian female and Urdu speaker. I work in a sensory disability team and had received her referral through receipt of her Certificate of Visual Impairment from the local hospital. Following my own specialist assessment of need I had identified several needs which would require further specialist

assessment and with the consent of the service user made referrals to the appropriate services. “The care manager is the person who facilitates and co-ordinates a multidisciplinary assessment” (Coulshed ...

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