Part 2: Working with others.        

This was a final session of our Inquiry Based Learning group which was a review of our learning and a sharing of feedback on our scenario action plan. On evaluating how the previous four sessions had gone the subject of the interaction between group members was discussed in an open, honest and reflective way with many group members using this opportunity to express their own personal feelings, worries and anxieties that had arisen during the previous sessions.  Angelina expressed a view that she felt uncomfortable in the group; Brad said that he didn’t feel he was able to speak and be listened to so he kept quiet; Lulu, Carlos and Melissa all felt that we hadn’t really got to know each other well enough yet; I felt that we were all so impatient, myself included to raise our points and opinions that we didn’t allow others to finish speaking or time to acknowledge their points raised. Sophia said that she felt very unsure and felt people would judge her if she spoke and Kylie ,the chairperson, who was a confident assertive leader felt that we should all contribute more in discussions as she found it hard to reach a consensus without it being all her own point of view . Shakira, the scribe felt it was very difficult to write down the points as we were all talking at once and not agreeing on decisions to the best course of action to use with our scenario. I am very talkative by nature and expressed my own view that we should all speak up as we need to be able to speak with people from all walks of life in our roles of social workers. On reflection I think this was important for us to all appreciate how others in the group were feeling and for them to share their feelings with us all as a group.

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Tuckman’s model (1965) of group life has five stages that a group pass through before reaching effectiveness. Our group has passed through the Forming stage where we formed our impressions of each other; all tried to be accepted by others and avoided conflict. We started to understand the scope of the task we were being asked to do. At the second stage or Storming we began to question and challenge the task and there were minor disagreements within the group, which highlighted the strong, more assertive personalities of several members of the group. Some members seem to enjoy, myself included, ...

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A reflective account of work within a group. Some interesting points were raised highlighting the different personalities often seen in a group. There was a good link to Tuckman - don't forget to reference the literature. Take some time to reflect on why individuals behaved as they did, eg. how did the different personalities impact on each other? The writing style was good overall, just a few grammar errors which could be minimised by careful proof-reading. 3/5