Analysis of the Impact of Colonisation, Migration and Settlement on Colombian Health using the Western and Pacific Models of Heath

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Impact of colonisation, Migration settlement on Colombian health

The purpose of this essay is to identify and discuss two models of heath, which are the Western and Pacific models of heath, three similarities and differences between the two health models. It will be described my traditional ethnic belief and value system of well being, it will also be explained about to impacts that colonisation has made on our traditional ethnic value and belief system and another two impacts of migration and settlement in Aotearoa for Colombians ethnic health and well being. This essay will be followed by a conclusion.

The Western Model health

The western model of heath that will be discussed in this essay is the biomedical model of medicine that was developed in the nineteenth century as a response to the medical knowledge of that time (The Biomedical Model, n.d.). According to this model, good health is the freedom from pain or defects. The biomedical model focuses on the physical progresses and biological factors, it does not include psychological, social diagnose or environmental. For instance most care professionals do not ask first for a psychological or social history of the patient or health consumer; instead they just tend to analyse the human body as parts of a machine and when a person is ill. It means something is not working properly and it needs to be fixed due to be healthy again. According to (Definitions of heath models, 2005). One of the features of this model is that illnesses can always be able to be dealt with by using medication, for example, a patient presenting with symptoms of depression, extreme tiredness, difficulty in sleeping and lack of interest in life. It would be diagnosed as having a problem resulting from an imbalance of brain chemicals. This could be corrected by prescribing drugs to restore the balance, or in severe cases ECT, which mean electro convulsive therapy (Biological and Psychological Models of Abnormality, 2006). There are 5 significant assumptions of this model and the first one is that all diseases are caused by a specific agent such as germ, virus, or parasite. The second assumption is that diseases universal biological or psychophysiological entities, resulting from somatic lesions or dysfunctions. The third one is that from biomedical perspective is the only valuable knowledge is the scientific one. The forth one is that since the body is regarded as a machine, so it needs repairing when is sick and the last one is restoring health requires the use of medical technology and advance specific procedures (Biological and Psychological Models of Abnormality, 2006).

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The pacific model of health

The pacific model of heath that will be discussed is this essay is the fonofale, fono means meeting and fale means house. This model demonstrates the values and beliefs that many Colombians have. The fonofale model was created by fuimano Karl polotu endemann as a pacific island model of health for the use in the New Zealand context. This model can help to understand and treat people in a more holistic, safe and affective manner. The fonofale model consists of a Samoan house with the foundation or the floor, posts and roof encapsulate ...

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