Abigail Williams

The Care Value Base

The care value base is beliefs about the right way to treat patients/clients. The care value base can form part of a t. Care work aims to improve a clients quality of life by meeting their needs (pies). The care values are based on a set of shared values which the whole of our society agrees on.

Such values are made legal by the human right act, which became the law in the UK on October 2nd 2000.It is from the human rights act that the care value base originates.  


Promoting anti-discrimination practice;

  • freedom from discrimination
  • the right to be different
  • Aware of assumptions, made surrounding, gender, race, age, sexuality, disability and class
  • Understand prejudice, stereotyping and labelling
  • Use of language (political correctness)
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Maintaining confidence of information

  • Secure recoding systems
  • The need to right and know
  • Value and protect clients

Promoting and supporting individuals'

  • Dignity
  • Independence

Promoting individuals from abuse

  • Free from any type of abuse- verbal, physical, sexual, neglect and emotional.

Promoting effective communication and relationships

  • Provide and obtain information
  • Express values
  • Express and understand needs, fears and wishes
  • Maintain identity

Providing individual care

  • Control of own life
  • Respect
  • Needs catered for
  • Improve quality of life
  • ...

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