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Concepts of Health, Health Care And Health Promotion.

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South Bank University Number: 9905890 May 2000: Group 3 Unit 6 Concepts of Health, Health Care and Health Promotion. Personal Tutor: Alma Ramanuth Word Count: 1,647 ? Concepts of Health, Health Care And Health Promotion. ? Unit 6 CONTENTS TITLE PAGE 2 CONTENTS 3 ASSIGNMENT ESSAY 4 APPENDIX 14 REFERENCE 15 BIBLIOGRAPHY 19 Word count (excluding references and charts) 1,647 "Making the healthy choice the easier choice" (Milio1986 cited in Naidoo J, Wills J. 2000: 84) Health promotion has come a long way since the 'Band of Hope' lectured young people on the "virtue of abstinence ", in the late eighteen hundreds (Naidoo J, Wills J. 2000: 72). The emphasis was on reform or damnation, after nearly a century of telling people what not to do attitudes began changing. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend "advocacy, enablement, and mediation " as effective methods (Baric L. 1996:129), defining modern health promotion as, "...the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health." (Ewles L, Simnett I. 1999: 23) Nurses are ideal health promoters as they are present at significant moments in their patients' lives (DoH 1999:132); they have long been required to be competent in "advising on the promotion of health and the prevention of illness..." ...read more.


Contemplation: made aware of the risks they have entered the 'door'; they may still choose to ignore or reject the risks. Commitment: when they have accepted the risks and the need to change they progress, Action: active changes in behaviour and attitudes to s*x like seeking contraception. Maintenance: peers may support or sabotage the new behaviour, at this stage there are two outcomes exit or relapse, Exit: if the individual is encouraged to maintain the new safer lifestyle they exit the cycle. Relapse: a relapse may occur for a variety of reasons, social pressure, emotional state or lack of access to services; the 'door' continues round and hopefully by the next turn they will be able to exit. (Primary Care Unit 1994: Handouts C1-C12) The Social Exclusion Unit (SEU) report Teenage Pregnancy (1999) found that the UK has the highest conception rate for under16's in Western Europe resulting in around 56,000 live births a year. [Source: ONS in SEU 1999: 12] The SEU found three main reasons teenagers become pregnant, 1) Low Expectations of education and employment 2) Ignorance of contraception and the responsibilities of parenthood 3) Mixed messages from media, peers and parents. These factors tend to be found in children from lower social classes, experiencing higher deprivation (FPA 1993: factsheet 5A). ...read more.


Publicity / advertising of the availability of advice and rights to screening, contraceptive / termination services.(RWFHA 2000a: 56) For the national target to be achieved I suggest greater emphasis be placed in the boroughs schools by tapping into the �10m Government pledged to develop school programmes (Kenny C. 2000: 10). They should follow the lead of the many successful 'school nurse' lead schemes across the country e.g. mock radio phone-ins in Taunton (Little L. 2000: 14), and www.lets-talk-about-s*x.co.uk in Cheshire (Pickersgill F. 2001: 15). The Health Education Authority recommend s*x education to encourage self-awareness and esteem, a sense of moral responsibility, and provide the skills to make informed decisions and maintain relationships (HEA 1994a: 4). Brook agrees; early s*x education encourages children to delay their first s****l experience (Brook Advisory Centres 1997: 4) and does not encourage s****l experimentation (French K. 2000: 13). This is supported by evidence that countries with the lowest rates of teenage pregnancy have effective s*x education programmes (Newman M. et al 1997a: 22). Providing the essential factors for s****l health of, "freedom from fear, shame, guilt and false belief ..." ( WHO cited in White C. 2000: 15). Appendix. Redbridge and Waltham Forest Health Authority Wards. Waltham Forest. Redbridge. [Source: Redbridge & Waltham Forest Health Authority 1998: 61] Map of London showing the Location of Redbridge and Waltham Forest Health Authority. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

It is not clear what the purpose of the essay is. The reader should quickly get a sense of what the writer intends to achieve, hence the importance of a clear introduction. Some of the references are quite dated, the writer should ensure that recent literature is used.
The cycle of change is generally explained well using a relevant example, but the pre-contemplation stage needs more clarification

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 08/10/2013

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