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Depression associated with low mood in the elderly.

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In the essay I will be looking at depression associated with low mood in the elderly. I have chosen a client with this condition in my current placement, which is a day hospital. This patient will represent this client group and a brief background history of this patient will be discussed highlight social impart on health. I will explore the determinate of health and social care needs by looking at such areas epidemiological data, psychological, sociological, cultural and social needs of this client group. This essay will be summed up by looking at the role of nurses in the delivery of care to this group and my personal experience of care in this placement, which will impart on my learning. In accordance to the NMC code of professional conduct (2002) the patient consent was taken verbally and a written consent singed by my mentor is attached as appendix 1. Client History This patient will represent elderly affluent British women with depression. Elderly in this essay will be referring to older persons of the age of 65years and over, following the government specified pension able age, (Weir et a, 1992.) ...read more.


These factors are provoking agent, vulnerability and symptom formation factors. Provoking agents are major life event that disrupts or ruins normal life activities, these agents could be inform of life threatening illness, housing problems, losing a loved one and so on. In ( Brown & Harris et al 1978) study it was found that in a 38 week period 29% non depressed women had suffered one form of life event or another, 61% of older depressed women also suffered a major life event, these shows the major life event were three times more common in depressed older women. The vulnerability factor, according to n(Brown & Harris, 1798) life event lead to low mood in the presence of some vulnerability factors such as financial difficulties, lack of confiding relationship and lack of protection. This factor cause most people to have low self - esteem, this risk of depression associated with low mood. The symptoms formation factors, is a psychosocial circumstance that also plays a major part in the cause of low mood in any person irrespective of their age. After the onset of depression, past event such as loss of partner, mother, father at very difficult times would influence low mood. ...read more.


Nurses can assess a patient's cognitive, functional, physical, and behavioural status to monitor progress and medications effect on their client. During my placement on the geriatric psychiatric day hospital, a client with an episode of psychotic relapse had been prescribed an increase dose of his regular antidepressant medication, following the nurse's observation of his mental state. It was noticed that he was increasingly sleepy, irritable and found it difficult to concentrate on his daily basic task such personal hygiene and remembering his meal times. This was assessed by the nurses as deterioration in his mental health functioning and reported it to the consultant psychiatrist, who reviewed his medications and adjusted it to the dosage more suitable for this client. This nursing observation and follow up was important to the stabilisation of this client and it also highlights teamwork in delivery of care. The relevant knowledge gained in this placement into the roles of nurses as a team player and the understanding of determinant of low mood depression in the elderly has helped me increase my knowledge of physiological, sociological, and social- factors prevalence to low mood depression. This knowledge will help me to reflect, understand team work and appreciate holistic care delivery in clinical practice with multi- disciplinary team working together. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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