Discuss an aspect of health promotion you have seen in practice. Hand Hygiene.

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Discuss an aspect of health promotion you have seen in practice.

This assignment will firstly explore the concept of health promotion, discuss hand hygiene in terms of health promotion, hand hygiene in clinical placement in regards to infection control and how nurses and other professions contribute to hand hygiene.

As highlighted by Jackson (2007), the Ottawa Charter (WHO 1986) supplies five main structural concept of health promotion:

"Building a healthy public policy, creating supportive environments, strengthening community action, developing personal skills, reorienting health services"

Otherwise, one could refute this by saying health promotion involves slightly more than just a concept whereby it’s being able to have control over their health and well-being. Also, Health promotion in terms of what is believed to be is strategies of encouraging people to get involved in activities that will help to alter undesirable behaviour that negatively impact on their health. For instance, if an individual is prone to infections combined with unawareness of hand hygiene with encouragement allows positive alteration in behaviour to keep themselves free from bacteria by carrying hand gel or wash their frequently.

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In the case of health promotion, there will be a discussion on hand hygiene. The contribution of nurses to the health promotion is indulging in infection control such as hand hygiene in addition to using an educational and social change approach that asses the initial cause of organism being spread, plan for hand hygiene facilities to be utilized and implement hand hygiene in practice to reduce HACIs (Peto, 2009).

Fundamentally, nurses contribution to the health promotion activity is effective communication which is an essential tool when educating nurses and other health professions to maintaining good hand hygiene when entering and ...

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