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Health And Social Care A01 Unit 2 Communication

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Communication A01 There are many different ways in which you communicate with somone, these include, oral communication, written communicaion, computerised communication, and communication for people with special needs for example, braile, sign language and makaton. Oral communication is communication by the word of mouth for example having a conversation with someone requires the development of skills and social coordination meaning to show an interest, being able to interest the person you are having a conversation with and having the ability to start and end conversations. Argyle 1983 devised a model called the, "Sender and Reciever Model." This model encodes oral messages by the sender and then decodes by the reciever: Sender Encodes Message Decodes Reciever Thompson 1986 argued that communication is important for two reasons such as, enabling people to share information and enabling to have relationships with people as Thompson claimed that, "relationship is the communcation." Oral communication helps with everyday tasks such as, * Problem solving * Greeting people * Asking for information * Providing support * Explaining issues and procedures * Exchanging ideas or Learning ideas Oral communication is central in being able to bond and to have relationships with people, health care workers have to have highly developed social skills, as they are dealing with people every day and ...read more.


or updating records and print out faxed documents in an area so unauthorized staff do not have access to the confidential documents. There are different types of communication for people with special needs such as the blind and the deaf. The main language for the deaf is the british sign language and if your blind you can be registered to use Braile in order to read information. British Sign Language is the main sign language used among the unknown number of deaf people in the United Kingdom. The language makes use of space and involves movement of the body, head, and face. People who have deaf relatives make use of the British Sign Language. The British Deaf Association started up in 1980 and has been campaigning for the rights of deaf people. British Deaf Association is campaigning for British Sign Language to be used and educated making it possible for the deaf to access services and information and to help them become more part of the society. Sign language is important for care workers to know as by using sign language to communicate to them would make them feel more comfortable compared to writing to them on a piece of paper. ...read more.


People who have hearing problems use lip reading as this helps them understand what you are saying and being at the same eye level as them enables them again to understand and feel comfortable. Positioning is very important in group communication. Seating patterns help alot in group communication as it infulences the group and how the group works. In a discussion group, it is important that everyone see's and hear's each other. Usually in a health care setting and all the service user's are altogether for e.g. some quiet time, or the care worker is informing the residents of something, they are all usually positioned in a circe postion as this suggest that everyone is equal and everyone is expected to communicate with everyone else in the circle. When in a care setting, the care worker has to be set to belive in the service user's believes. It is important for the care worker to understand the service user and communicate well as if you do not respect the service user's rights of confidentiality they would feel threatened by your behaviour, it is also important for you to understand the factors affecting communication such as: * Emotion. * Positioning when communicating. * Envoirmental conditions in which you communicate in. * Special communcation needs such as, makaton, braille and sign language. ...read more.

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3 star(s)

This essay discussed communication in care settings. The module/unit requirements were not stated and so general feedback about the essay will be given. Different methods of communication and who might use them were identified and there was some theory included as well which was good. It is worth remembering to reference fully the authors that have been referred to in the text. There was some good work about security of electronic records

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 05/09/2013

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