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Health promotion. This essay will discuss the definitions of health promotion and empowerment, and how the two are interlinked. I will also be talking about my artefact and which health promotion models have been used to enable the production of my artefa

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Empowerment in nursing practice The purpose of the assignment is to explore the principles of empowerment in nursing practice. This essay will discuss the definitions of health promotion and empowerment, and how the two are interlinked. I will also be talking about my artefact and which health promotion models have been used to enable the production of my artefact, together with the reason behind my design. The main topic within this essay focuses on testicular cancer awareness because it is widely believed to be on the increase, and psychologically this is a difficult subject to discuss with men; this issue will also be addressed. My clothing tag booklet is designed to increase testicular cancer awareness, provide information on self examination and stress the importance of early detection. Testicular cancer remains one of the leading cancers in young men ages 15- 35 years (Cancer Research UK 2003). Since the late 1970s incidence rates have doubled, however there is no evidence to suggest the cause behind this increase. (Orchid Cancer Appeal 2005). It is estimated that 1 in 210 men in the UK will develop this form of cancer by the time they are 50. (Orchid cancer appeal 2005). My artefact will therefore be designed to target young men between the age of 15-35. Research suggests that a large percentage of men are unaware of the risk of this disease and only 3% regularly check themselves Wardle (1994 p. 338). Webb and Holmes have stated 'for successful early detection plans need to be implemented, there needs to be more education about self examination and awareness of the disease'. My concept is for the artefact to be distributed with all major brands of boxer shorts sold in shops, however to promote this artefact it would be distributed in fresher weeks at universities. ...read more.


Men are more likely to look at the guide in the privacy of their bedrooms or share it with their partners. It would also be available for nurses to hand out to patients of any ages. The booklet will contain basic information about testicular cancer and how to perform TSE. The design of my artefact is to keep it simple to promote TSE in a simplistic way. Plain language has been used to make it easy to read. I have decided to use the slogan "look after your testes" with a picture of golden b***s. The reason I have chosen golden b***s is because it is eye catching and bright. The term itself is borrowed from mass media and a game show known as "Golden b***s". Due to this diagram being in the media it could draw people's attention, then the slogan is used to promote testicular awareness and tell people what the topic is about. A diagram of the TSE procedure has been added to help the individual to visually see how to perform the procedure correctly and also written text has been added with step by step information. Hubley and Copeman (2008 p.167) explains that the use "of diagrams can be misunderstood, this can happen when people from one culture see printed material that is intended for those from another culture". Following the National Health Services (NHS) toolkit guidelines I have used the font size of 12 due to it being easy to read, key words are in blue bold text to provide empathise. Blue is commonly used in the NHS guidelines and doesn't fade quickly. Men tend to prefer this colour and blue can be described as a calming colour (www.precisionintermedia.com 2008). ...read more.


The responsibility for health is shared amongst individuals, the community, government, institutions and other organisations Appendix 2 Five approaches to health promotion (Ewles & Simnet, 1995) [25] Aim Appropriate Method Example - Smoking 1. Health awareness goal Raising awareness, or consciousness, of health issues talks group work mass media displays and exhibitions campaigns Encourage people to seek early detection and treatment of smoking-related disorders 2. Changing attitudes and behaviour Changing the lifestyles of individuals group work skills training self help groups one-to-one instruction group or individual therapy written material advice Persuasive education to prevent non-smokers from starting and persuade smokers to stop 3. Improving knowledge Providing information one-to-one teaching displays and exhibitions written materials mass media campaigns group teaching Giving information to clients about the effects of smoking. Helping them to explore their own values and attitudes and come to a decision. Helping them to learn how to stop smoking if they want to 4. Self empowering Improving self-awareness, self-esteem, decision-making group work practising decision-making values clarification social skills training stimulation, gaming and role play assertiveness training counselling Clients identify what, if anything, they want to know about it 5. Societal/environmental change Changing the physical or social environment positive action for under-served groups lobbying pressure groups community development community-based work advocacy schemes environmental measures planning and policy making organisational change enforcement of laws and regulations No smoking policy in public places. Cigarette sales less accessible, especially to children; promotion of non-smoking as social norm. Banning tobacco advertising and sports sponsorship www.uel.ac.uk/ihhd/programmes/documents.CommunityDevelopmentApproachestoHealth Promotion.doc Appendix 3 Tannahill model (www.glasgowpharmacyhealthpromotion.scot.nhs.uk) "Health Education: communication activity aimed at enhancing well-being and preventing ill-health through favourably influencing the knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of the community. Health Protection: refers to the policies and codes of practice aimed at preventing ill-health or positively enhancing well-being, for example, no smoking in public places. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

4 star(s)

This essay aimed to discuss the link between health promotion and empowerment using a testicular cancer awareness campaign. The work shows a good understanding of the role of health promotion and the issues that practitioners need to be mindful of when preparing capmaigns for men in particular.
I felt there could have been a bit more of a discussion regarding empowerment. Why is it important in health promotion and how can it be provided? Be careful not to make assumptions that men have female partners

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 05/09/2013

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