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University Degree: Healthcare

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  1. My portfolio assignment is to produce a health plan for improving physical health and wellbeing of one individual. Is about to improve people on their health. How we can improve their health diet.

    Others think that health means not having any illness, injuries or any diseases. This is a negative point of health. Others think that being free from pain happy and living to an old age is being health. Some think friends and families are most important part of health. Physical definition. Able to be physically active. Good diet Not being ill Sleeping well Holistic definition of health Holistic means whole, everything included The word health derives from an old English word meaning 'who Physical, intellectual, {mental} emotional and social aspects of the whole person.

    • Word count: 1885
  2. Interprofessional working in mental health

    (DoH 1999/2000) Current mental health legislation contained in The Mental Health Act 1983 requires ASW's to protect the rights of individuals facing admission to hospital against their will or sectioning. Central to the ASW role is their ability to look at all aspects of need and consider the social context of the service user. (MHSIG 2001) However, the mental health white - reforming the mental health act, proposes other mental health workers could undertake this important role. Consequently, approved social workers are facing changes to their role not least the loss of their exclusive role within mental health services.

    • Word count: 5717
  3. Maximising Health Using the Nursing Process In conclusion, this systematic cyclical approach to care has proved to be beneficial to Mrs Florence Nightingale

    The nursing process not only focuses on ways to improve the patient's biological needs, but on psychological and social needs as well. Due to patient having no verbal communication skills, poor non-verbal transmission of facial expressions and poor body gestures (Holland, K et al 2003), it is unlikely the patient would be able to participate in the process. Also, the patient's family will not be involved due to having very little to almost no contact with the patient. Therefore, to respect the autonomy of the patient, the senior nurse and other members of the multidisciplinary health team will be involved in all stages of the process.

    • Word count: 3437
  4. Unit 2 communication in care settings. Theories of communication. Interview with a care worker.

    Written communication can be used by: records of learning and achievement, in a school the service provider would have to keep the student's achievements on record; this is available to any teachers that need to see it, the student's parent/carer and the student. Written communication is also good for formal policies and procedures, a service provider needs to make sure they have written copies of all policies and procedures do prove that they exist and also one procedure would be the way the exit the building when there is a fire staff and the service users need to know the

    • Word count: 6498
  5. nutrition and wound healing work based learning

    LEARNING OUTCOMES: * To understand the factors, aetiology and underlying pathologies that contribute to wound healing. * To devise and disseminate an information leaflet to patients, providing knowledge on diet and nutrition using evidence based research. * To work in partnership with patients, voluntary, commercial and other health professionals, to form alliances of care that improve patient outcomes. * To educate patients on the relevance of nutrition in wound healing. * To seek out new and innovative ways of improving practice, collaborative working and to evaluate and audit existing practice to strive to provide best patient care.

    • Word count: 4174
  6. Did Medical care for most people did not change from the start to the end of the Middle Ages?

    These ideas were largely false and thus resulted in patients being treated incorrectly if at all one such example is Guy de Chauliac he was educated at both of these universities he wrote a comprehensive medical textbook and he quoted Galen 890 times. The impact of war had an obvious detrimental effect on medical care, leaders of different countries were constantly being replaced and as opposed to their Arab counterparts the leaders of these countries had little interest in science and furthering their minds.

    • Word count: 735
  7. Health and safety

    In 2002, nearly 76,200 American children ages 5 to 14 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for Football related injuries. Whilst most Football related injuries are fairly trivial (mostly sprains & strains), every year some children suffer serious injuries and some may even lose their life. In England, falling goalposts has killed at least nine children including Jack Sheerin, a seven year old from West Yorkshire, and Jonathan Smith, an eleven year old from Essex But even the most trivial injuries are painful and almost certainly some Of the injured children will have been put off Football for life.

    • Word count: 1992
  8. Ensure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety

    The provision and use of work equipment regulations: Its employer's duty to provide safe equipment that is suitable for use. All work equipment must maintain in a safe condition, I must learn how to use the equipment and I will need to follow the manufacturers' instructions. The personal protective equipment at work regulations: Personal protective equipment such as gloves and aprons, I must wear this equipment when it is required and I must also report any damage so that they can be replaced.

    • Word count: 1019
  9. Anger management The purpose of this reflective report is to look at the nature and management of anger

    1976). Positive experience prepares health care providers to think rationally, analyse and take responsibility for the actions. Nevertheless, anger is one of the most difficult emotions for people to recognize in themselves, express to others and deal with it appropriately and has become a problem in an acute healthcare environment (Winstanley, S. and Whittington, R. 2004). Anybody can become angry, but nobody can make the individual become angry. In any situation the person has the power to choose and the ability to get in touch with their own thoughts, feelings and to deal with them; either by rejecting anger and harming others or accepting and respecting others and yourself.

    • Word count: 3729
  10. Health and social careHow the pharmacist applies the care value base

    National Care Standards Commission is the name given to a new national organisation that started work in 2002. It has the responsibilities to inspect, regulate and enforce standards where necessary in a range of caring environments: - Private nursing homes - Home care agencies - Private hospitals - Adoption agencies - Boarding schools NHS Direct -> is a telephone help line that provides information about health, illnesses and services. NHS Walk-in Centres -> are available in a number of towns and cities, providing treatments for minor illnesses, advice on self-care and health promotion.

    • Word count: 3787
  11. Identification and Discussion of the Public Health Roles of Nurses, or Health Visitors Regarding a Health Issue.

    However, physical problems also come into play, such as, obese children are 70% likely to become obese adults, and obese adults are at huge risk of developing health problems such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and hypertension. (www. surgeongeneral.gov/topics/obesity). Therefore, obesity can influence physical, intellectual, emotional and social development influencing adulthood. For that reason the best time to make an influence on long term eating and exercise habits in order to promote health and stop obesity is in childhood years.

    • Word count: 1359
  12. With reference to one of the standards of the National Service Framework (NSF) for older people (DOH, 2001) explore how the NSF has contributed to improving care. The National Service Framework (NSF) for older people was first developed in 2001

    and Social Care Services. This will also allow the older generation to be treated with dignity and respect and as an individual (DOH 2001). The NSF will provide support and guidance for older people that may be suffering due to lack of care provided. The National Service Framework has eight standards to improve the quality of life for older people these are as follows, rooting out age discrimination, person-centred care, intermediate care, general hospital care, stroke, falls, mental health in older people and promotion of an active healthy life in older age.

    • Word count: 2982
  13. What does the range of streets and buildings suggest about Titus' values and beliefs? 'A perfectionist.' That is my opinion of Salt. Every feature of Saltaire was designed

    The institute was also a place of entertainment with its stage it provided live entertainment and also lectures for his workers. Titus wanted the institute to be a place to wind down and relax. He liked to think as it as a 'public house without its evils'. The institute was also a large and grand building; out side it had Lions which were previously meant for Trafalgar square that had symbolic names. They were called, 'Vigilance', 'Determination', 'War' and 'Peace'.

    • Word count: 1062

    The integration of nursing teams in primary has been a relatively recent development (Beech 2002) it has been widely recognised that a team effort is required to nurse successfully (McMurray, 1993). In the teams the members may be very skilled at their own jobs, but few have received education or training in how to work together in an effective team. It is a pooling of skills and experience, recognising the best support agency to meet the clients needs that is required.

    • Word count: 2055
  15. Aim: to discover whether patriarchy plays an influential role in the under representation of women in senior positions within the NSW health care system.Design: prospective research using interviews and focus groups

    This is not the only limitation of under representation. Decision making may also suffer; having a non representative panel of decision makers means that it is less likely that policies, plans and services will be the most appropriate. Much research has been done into the under representation of women in dominant positions of employment (not just in health) and the effects of patriarchy on the status of women in the labour market; but patriarchy and the glass ceiling within the health system have not been thoroughly investigated using qualitative methodology.

    • Word count: 2950
  16. This essay emphasises the wide range of links that have been made between psychology to the study of health and healthcare. Health Psychology emphasises the role of psychological factors in the cause, progression and consequences of health and illness

    Therefore health is made up of many components, physical health, mental health and social health; in addition to this the general health perceptions that people have. Areas of concern for Health Psychology are; (1) the psychological processes and behaviours which influence people's health and well-being, (2) the psychosocial factors that contribute to the onset and development of illness and (3) what happens to people within the health care setting, (Coolican, 1996). The emergence of health psychology reflects the changing patterns of disease in the world and the recognition of psychological and social factors as important aspects in health and illness generally.

    • Word count: 1471

    Once admitted it became evident from the results of Urinalysis test the Maggie was also suffering from a Urinary Tract infection. During a previous admission Maggie's dementia had been thoroughly investigated with a CT scan of the brain. The conclusion of this was that Maggie was suffering from cerebral atrophy. Clear evidence of mass lesions could also be seen, that Maggie's dementia was classified as severe with formal mental test score of 0/10. Maggie's mobility was restricted to the extent that a walking stick was required at all times, although Maggie mobilised sufficiently around her flat she only ever went out if escorted.

    • Word count: 3086
  18. Health Promotion has practical focus on health and well being

    The concept of health promotion is exceptionally broad and appears to include any attempt to improve health. The term was first introduced in 1974 by the Canadian Minister of Health, Marc Lalonde, who suggested that there where different elements that contributed to the public's health. (Marc Lalonde 1974) believed these to be, human biology (genetics and hereditary factors), lifestyle (personal behaviours that may contribute to health or illness, for example those related to exercise and diet), environment (including both physical and social environment in which people lived and worked), health care organisation (the quality and availability of health services).

    • Word count: 656
  19. Michigan's economy is declining, and unemployment rates are increasing. Globalization, education, and our automobile industry have had a huge impact on our employment rates, and neither one is going to let up anytime soon

    There are 71 manufacturing companies in Michigan that have been exporting jobs overseas, and 126 companies that have laid off employees due to the impact of trade (Job Trader.) Walter E. Williams explains why Americans are being sent over seas and why it is wise for some Americans. Williams says that "American workers are just about the most productive in the world, however, our government and legal establishment have reduced that productive advantage" (Williams.) NAFTA and other trade agreements are another reason why we are sending employees across seas, they believe it will strengthen our bond with other countries and help keep each country caught up with current technology (NAFTA.)

    • Word count: 1270
  20. Sociology Essay

    They are also relative in nature that is, they change over time and place. The question of what it is to be healthy is therefore open to a wide range of individual, social and cultural interpretations. However, health can generally be defined as a physiological, psychological and social state. Since health is difficult to define, it is inevitable that the measurement of health is difficult to define also. However, there are generally three main ways to measure health. These are: calculating life expectancy, studying the potential years of life loss and looking at standardised mortality rates.

    • Word count: 1052

    However, a patients' ability to sue a practitioner may also be limited by this scheme (Johnson, 2004). Just because ACC is available, does not mean it can be readily used, therefore those not belonging to ACC may become vulnerable. It may seem unfair - but that is how the Act is framed, and although proposals for change have been put forward, ACC has continued to raise boundary issues (Health & Disability Commissioner, 2004). The Health and Disability Commissioner is the primary vehicle for dealing with complaints about any health and disability service provider in New Zealand, in other words, they promote and protect the rights of consumers (patients)

    • Word count: 3105
  22. "Should community care be used in the treatment of the mentally ill?" For decades, large numbers of mentally ill patients have been treated in the community instead of in mental asylums, in a policy known

    This particular incident, along with others, has sparked off much controversy on this sensitive subject and as a result, many concerns have been raised as to whether community care should be used in the treatment of the mentally ill. There are many arguments in favour of this issue. The strongest of these is the simple fact that wards in mental institutions across the country are heavily crowded, with each ward having approximately thirty percent of beds which are occupied by patients who do not need to be there and could feasibly be cared for in the community.1 Moreover, community care

    • Word count: 1176
  23. Causes of stress in the workplace and the effect on the staff as well as the clients

    These differing viewpoints are important because they suggest different ways to prevent stress at work. Some of the causes and effects of stress within the Environmental Health Department include: * High demand for performance - unrealistic expectations, which sometimes, puts unhealthy and unreasonable pressures on the staff. * Increased workload, extremely long hours and intense pressure to perform at peak levels all the time for the same pay. * Personal or family problems tend to carry their worries and anxieties to the workplace. If one of the staff is in a depressed mood, their unfocused attention or lack of motivation affects their ability to carry out job responsibilities.

    • Word count: 8421
  24. SELF ASSESSMENT OF INTERPERSONAL SKILLS For this assignment, I have selected five skills to illustrate my strengths and weaknesses that were established during my interpersonal

    While listening, I kept quiet, and didn't interrupt. These strengths are the reasons why I rated myself at Level 3 of the Gazda Scale, which indicates that I need to be open to assist the client, while respecting client's uniqueness and view of the world. They are also non judgemental. To advance to Level 4 would require me to be more involved and committed to this relationship. It also means that I will need to be prepared to make myself vulnerable to enhance the relationship.

    • Word count: 1463
  25. Issue: Relationship between Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and the age of workers. Introduction World Health and the International Labor Organization

    In 2004, these age groups also included the majority of the 'baby boomers' (those born between 1946 and 1965) (Australia Bureau of Statistics, 2006). In assessing the capability of manpower in industries, age is an important factor. There has not been a specific definition of old age, but based on most research, it can be assumed old aged workers consist of workers above 50 years old. The theory of ageing within literature proposes that work capabilities, both physical and mental, deteriorate with the advancement of age (Haight, 2003).

    • Word count: 2776

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