I will discuss and identify a nursing skill whilst on placement. The nursing skill I will be discussing is bed bathing a male patient.

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Assignment 2 Skills demonstration


In this assignment I am going to talk about how carried out a skill demonstration on my client whilst on my work placement who has Parkinson’s disease. I will be focused on how my skills demonstration went, present the booklet of the task performed and my understanding of care settings, health and safety my application of concepts associated with caring for the older people went.


I will discuss and identify a nursing skill whilst on placement. The nursing skill I will be discussing is bed bathing a male patient. A bed bath in this incident was necessary as the patient was unable to mobilise himself to the bathroom due to his advance stage of Parkinson’s disease and his age

I will be presenting a booklet matching the steps I took in the skills demonstration


I performed this skills demonstration took place during my work placement at my local hospital. I will be talking about the how the bed bath task I performed, how I prepared the task and the steps I took in order to achieve my goals on helping out my client on the personal hygiene as well as nursing care for an older person with Parkinson type dementia. To achieve this, I will define dementia and describe the impact of the problem created by the disorder on him as an elderly patient. I will identify the relevant health and safety issues relating to my patient and how the task was carried out. I will also talk about my skills during the task and how I communicated with my patient throughout.

As well present my booklet of my tasks and how I performed the task. Also how I Identified the correct tools to use for the task and how I ensured hygiene and safety while performing my task.

Case study

Throughout my assessment in order to maintain confidentiality and protect the patient's identity, which is in line with the NMC Code of Professional Conduct (2004), the patient will be referred to as Tommy and the wife as Maggie

Tommy is 82-year-old man with Parkinson type dementia. He is married to Maggie, 68 and they both used to live together. Tommy worked as a Teacher before retiring at the age of 64. Tommy liked outdoor life. Tommy was referred to the ward after a domiciliary visit by the doctor. The effects of Tommy’s illness on him were impaired thinking, communication, incontinence, difficulties with his memory, and often aggressive. Tommy is fully dependent on his wife as he is being nursed in bed and need help with most of his activities of daily living. His wife, Maggie is his informal carer. Tommy had dried skin as result of reduced collagen fibres.

However, Parkinson's disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system that affects movement. It develops gradually, sometimes starting with a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand. But while a tremor may be the most well-known sign of Parkinson's disease, the disorder also commonly causes stiffness or slowing of movement

Psychologically, Tommy had impaired concentration and memory. Concerning the social development of his illness, Tommy had a good relationship with his wife but sometimes aggressive towards her.

Tommy could not mobilise due to the advanced stage of his condition and his age physically.

His wife, Maggie was supported by the multidisciplinary team by informing her on her right to assessment, which is in accordance with the Carers (equal opportunity) Act, sec.1: clause12. She was also educated on dementia, medications and also how to communicate with Tommy by talking about past events and pictures. She was also offered respite care in order to take out time in maintaining her health and wellbeing.

Medical history

Ageing is associated with changes in the human body through phases. Tommy had dried skin as a result of reduced collagen fibres which is a sign of ageing. (Nazarko, 2002). also was affected by the ability to maintain continence. Tommy was also doubly incontinent. He could not mobilise due to the advanced stage of his condition and his age because physically, ageing affect one's locomotion. (Goldsmith, 1996). Psychologically, John had impaired concentration and memory.

When I met Tommy an assessment had already been done so I looked into his note for his identified needs. Tommy's needs were discussed by the multidisciplinary term and his wife, it was agreed upon that he should be admitted permanently on the ward as Maggie could not cope with caring for Tommy at home.

Being nursed in bed, Tommy was unable to go in the bath as he has resisted the use of hoist, making it dangerous to use. I ensured that Tommy’s personal hygiene needs were met by assisting him with partial bed bath. During these periods, Tommy's privacy and dignity was maintained by closing the door to his room. Due to Tommy's doubly incontinence. I ensured Tommy was clean and dry at all times by maintaining his hourly check. I also used appropriate incontinence aid i.e. pads; the rational was to prevent bed sores.

Tommy’s major identified problems relating to his activities of daily living were communication, maintenance of a safe environment, eating and drinking, personal hygiene and elimination.

Due to Tommy’s condition I had to assist him with the Feeding and personal hygiene.

Tommy was unable to feed himself because of the advance stage of his condition. I therefore was feeding him and made sure his personal hygiene was cared for by giving him a bed bath I also made sure that Tommy had adequate balanced meal. I fed him on pureed meal because he had no teeth to chew. I also ensured he was sitting on an upright position for his entire oral and dietary intake; the rational was to prevent choking
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How I Planned

I carried out the skills demonstration in the Hospital, under the instruction of my supervisor and the senior nurse in charge. As per trust policy I collected the relevant data collection document and produced Tommy’s folder ensuring each document was in the correct order and I was aware of his privacy and dignity.

I asked Tommy for his consent making him aware of my task and how what I am going to carry it on.

However, due to his impaired communication, I approached him in a calm and gentle way ...

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