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In this assignment underage smoking will be discussed in detail and National and local health priorities will be identified in relation to children's nursing. Provision of current programmes will be noted and their effectiveness explored together with an

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In this assignment underage smoking will be discussed in detail and National and local health priorities will be identified in relation to children's nursing. Provision of current programmes will be noted and their effectiveness explored together with an analysis of the promotion strategy of health education. The difficulties and barriers that may be encountered will also be discussed as well as the role of the children's nurse. Finally ethical issues that may affect nursing practice will be considered. Included in appendix 1 are presentation slides related to this public health issue Smoking is the biggest single threat to the current and future health of young people often leading to fatal diseases. The vast majority of smokers actually begin when they are adolescent. It is thought that 150 million children globally use tobacco and this number is increasing, especially amongst young women. (World Health Organisation, WHO 2010) In the long term it can result in heart disease, stroke, pulmonary disease and many types of cancer including cancer of the lung, lip and larynx. (Rarkou & McGuire, 2007) . The children's nurse will be more directly involved in the short term health issues that smoking may lead to. The child is more likely to develop respiratory problems, such as asthma-related symptoms which include: breathlessness, a tight chest, wheezing and coughing, will result in increased health implications. ...read more.


However, young people are still taking up the habit and smoking is on the increase nevertheless The three greatest risks to good health are smoking, obesity and alcohol misuse. It is expected that many lessons will be learned as we research - for example, it will help us make changes to existing and new health services. It will also help us understand our residents better, and can be used for other projects and to address important health issues. Earlier this year Westminster carried out their own major works asking residents why they smoked, why there were overweight or obese and took part in harmful activities such as drinking. These are the three most preventable causes of death and ill health in the borough and in the UK as a whole. The information will help future works to help improve the people of Westminster. The nurse may encounter obstacles or difficulties that will impede the progress of these strategies. - language barrier - Adolescents are reluctant to talk, wont visit clinics, peer pressure - Say about health inequalities - some areas are wealthier to provide funding to prevent smokers " Peer Pressure in older children the smoking habits of friends is important. Going against the group norm is difficult and refusal skills have to be learnt. " Deprivation children living in poor areas seem to be affected by their environment - how can they afford to by cigarettes? ...read more.


But where possible the nurse should try and find out why the child may not want their parents involved. As it has been proven that when parents are involved in their childs welbeing it greatly improves the health of the child. Additionally, confidentiality should be maintained. Young people will consult professionals without wanting their parents to be informed and this should be respected even if the nurse disagrees with the decision. Ellis, Hartley (2004) implies that nurses must understand that, the individual will need to make their own informed choices as a part of the patients' autonomy. Where this right may be compromised is when the child is not Frasier competent ie mentally incompetent. In conclusion, it is part of your responsibility to be mindful at all times regarding patient confidentiality and privacy in all matters. (Ellis and Hartley, 2004) Reference List Asthma - Symptoms,[Online] http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Asthma/Pages/Symptoms.aspx [Accessed 06.01.2011]. My Action [Online].Available from: http://www.myaction.org.uk/ Accessed23rd Raikou M, McGuire A. (2007) Preventing the uptake of smoking by children: Review of cost effectiveness. [online] Available from: http://www.nice.org.uk/nicemedia/pdf/ph14reviewofcosteffectiveness.pdf [Accessed 12 November 2010]. World Health Organisation (2010) Young people: health risks and solutions [online] http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs345/en/ [Accessed 06.01.2011]. Beauchamp & Childress. (2001) Principles Biomedical Ethics. Oxford: Department of public health and primary care trust. Department of Health,(1998) Smoking Kills: A White Paper on Tobacco. London: The Stationary Office Sidey,A & Widdas, D. (2005) Community Children's Nursing. Edinburgh:Elsevier. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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