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Interprofessional module 2 Self Appraisal Assignment

                                                 GROUP NUMBER: 14

Group Goal

What barriers prevent effective development of an IP team and how to overcome them? 

Learning outcomes

Transferable skills - promote and establish effective communication and working in teams to achieve inter-professional collaboration.

Work constructively and productively as a member of a group to agree and understand group goals.


  1. Trust is an essential attribute of collaboration
  2. Effective time management
  3. Unified form of communication between professionals
  4. Cultural differences
  5. Stereotyping
  6. Good understanding of other professionals roles
  7. Regular MDT meetings
  8. Co - operation
  9. Cohesion and positive attitude within the team
  10. Respect
  11. Holistic approach to meet the patients individual needs
  12. Personalities
  13. Communication verbal and non verbal
  14. Hierarchy

In order to do my assignment I visited IPE level 2 on UWE on line every workday from the day after the Interprofessional Conference on the 5th of October, the reason to do this was to find information on how to do the self-assignment and to check new announcements, to check course materials, where many of the conference’s speakers put their presentation which make it easier to work, to check the facilitator announcements, and to check my table team communication. We have in total 89 messages but I think only very few of them were really useful. I only contributed five times on my table discussion board. After the conference, we tried to meet on line but that was impossible as we have different schedules. Then some of the group’s members wanted to change the statements that we already had agreed and decided at the conference. I felt that some members of the group just wanted to do the essay their way, making statements of what they were going to do instead of sharing information. They were not accepting others views, this put people away, and that is why I did not feel welcome in the group, not by everyone, I didn’t feel that my arguments were listened to by some of the group members.

 Within my group, we were nine very different people, although it was easy to agree in everything when we were together, it was almost impossible to do anything together via online. I think it is very difficult to maintain good relationships within a team when we can not see each other and regularly meet to discuss new ideas (Molyneux, 2001). I think communication is crucial in IP education as well as IP working, I realise that without effective communication the relationships within the team deteriorate, and effective communication means to understand each others strengths, skills and limitations and respect each other.

List of documents shared in the group:


Nursing Standard (2003) “Counting in co-operation”.

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2. The conference gave me the opportunity to work closely with eight other students of different professions; radiographer, physiotherapist, children’s nursing, mental health nursing, adult nursing and medical students. Before this conference I only had limited knowledge of some of these professions, after two days working together I have a better understanding of their roles. This would help for the commitment of professionals to effectively work together in the future and respect different points of view (Barrett et al, 2005). 

I was very interested to know about how medical students have structured interprofessional collaboration in their course, although it only contains a very small IP module in comparison with nursing students. It was a good opportunity to work with different professions, the conference changed my perceptions of some professions, especially doctors, who I have always perceived unapproachable, working with them made me realise that everyone is equal no matter what skill or experience.

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We had a clear team goal and we all contributed to set up our statements and learning outcomes, the team approved open communication, with enquiry based learning, each member of the team could choose which seminar to attend and feed back to the team (Cook, 2001). Although not all team members participated fully in relaying of information, with more time, better definitions of roles and expectations would have achieved increased IP collaboration (Molyneux, 2001).

 One of the statements I am going to discuss is:

5. Stereotyping.

 I realised that this is a big barrier for interprofessional working; we must ...

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