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Marketing Strategy    

Marketing Strategy

Shion Christian


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Executive Summary

People Incorporated will be providing as an innovative service to foster children diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.  People Inc will contract with the local foster care agencies located in Western New York to provide this service to twenty four foster children, who are in need of housing, training and educational advancement program to enhance their knowledge and skill.          

Without an enabling atmosphere prepared to challenge the dangers of rejection and stigmatization of HIV/AIDS as well as its impact, AIDS affected children - especially foster children - will possibly suffer more overwhelmingly. These kids run the risk of not having their human rights protected and, without a strong voice, depend on the advocacy of others concerned with their well-being.

HOPEVALE homes are exclusive to foster children diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Here they would be receive housing and a multiplicity of services including educational and employment training , community outreach, advocacy, health care and recreation programs, we  aspire to help foster children live more healthy, independent and productive lives.


To create a stable home environment, while providing medical, supportive, and prevention services in a comprehensive model that encourages individuals to take responsibility for their health and quality of life.


With in the next year:

  1. To secure funding through New York State Department of Health AIDS      Institute, the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Private sectors and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) section of HUD.
  2. To Secure Funding in excess of $200,000
  3. To have 100% nursing staff, who specialize in HIV/AIDS.
  4. To have 20 HIV/AIDS foster children living in homes.
  5. To Hire and train staffs that possess at least an associate’s degree, deal with the needs of residences.

My Company’s Target Market:

Our chief premise for introducing these homes were to address the need face by HIV/AIDS diagnosed foster children from age 16-21. Too often there is hesitation to care for affected children. We at Hope Vale Homes see the need to create stability, security, relationships etc. Even though there are alternatives available in the market to somewhat address the problem, none of these homes are permanent and able to address the particular and special needs of HIV/AIDS foster children in an efficient way. Hope Vale Homes will address the needs and wants of foster children in a comprehensive manner and provide linkage to deal with other need recognized by service provider and individual. We will be able to provide maximum satisfaction and maximum solution to their needs.

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My Company’s Competition:

Our company has a competitive advantage. Being that there are no other agencies in the western New York area that provides this service, we are officially a monopoly. The only other agency that house foster children diagnosed   with HIV/AIDS is the Incarnation Children's Center (ICC). It is a residence for 24 HIV-positive children located in Harlem New York (Stephen and Abrams, 2002).


To link Residence to services with in community to that they can receive

  1. Physical Health Education: where they can be thought how to improve physical health(exercise, nutrition) and ...

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