Nursing the adult with acute care needs.

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Nursing the Adult with Acute care needs

This assignment is about the crisis theory and how we as nurses can relate it to our patients and their families in an acute health care setting such as hospital. The crisis theory will be related to an aspect of nursing care that I provide for a particular patient. It will also look at how the patient is either going through a crisis or whether they are about and how we have intervened.

The patient Mrs. Brown which is a psnendo name but to comply with the Nursing and Midwifery council on client confidentiality.

Mrs. Brown is an 80 year old lady who was admitted with an acute right sided stroke , she suffers from hypertension which is the likely cause for her stroke. She is now completely dependant on nursing staff for all care. She is unmobile and bedbound and it is unlikely that she will be independent and mobile again. The family are very supportive especially her husband Mr. Brown. However Mr. Brown has a unrealistic perspective of his wife's recovery as he believes after a couple of weeks in hospital with physiotherapy that she will be back to her normal self. The nursing staff have explained to Mr. Brown that it is not so simple and that she will need a lot of care when she goes home. There is also communication problems with Mrs. Brown as communication has been impaired since the stroke we have tried to explain to her what has happened and what will happen but are not sure how much she has understood due to our difficulties in understanding her. I will go into communication in more detail with regards to Mrs. Brown later in the essay.
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What is the crisis theory? The crisis theory is a psychological theory mainly used in mental health areas but there is now reasoning that it should be used in general nursing in an acute setting. It looks at how people cope with a crisis. There are many definitions of what a crisis is Parbury (1993) defines it as a crisis is generated by a situation which places demands upon a person that exceed that persons available and useable coping resources and capabilities.

There are two types of crisis Maturational crisis which is caused by normal stress of ...

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