Open University. What would be the benefits and drawbacks for Bronwyn, whose story was featured in Unit 2, of being assessed as having a psychiatric disorder?

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What would be the benefits and drawbacks for Bronwyn, whose story was featured in Unit 2, of being assessed as having a psychiatric disorder?

What is mental distress? Mental distress is when someone experiences changes in their thoughts and feelings. Their behavior will be significantly different, both in themselves, and how they behave around others. This greatly interferes with their home life, work life, social life and their relationships they have with others. Examples of mental distress would be anxiety disorder, depression and schizophrenia.  (Ethomed, 2003)

The diagnosing of mental distress can mean different things for different people. It must always be dealt with in a sensitive matter. No doctor can ever be certain as to how the individual may act when informed. The diagnosis itself must never overshadow the person, their qualities and personality, or their unique life experiences. (The Open University, 2008, p. 104) (a)

(Bowers, 1998) tell us, that those who experience problems such as anxiety or depression may not actually appear different, to those who are not experiencing mental distress. With regards to Bronwyn and the mental distress she is experiencing, this could well be the case. To everyone else, and the outside world, things may seem that everything is fine with her. However, Bronwyn is experiencing mental distress on a daily basis, in all aspects of her life.

From listening to the audio (The Open University, 2008) (b) it appears that she is having a constant battle with herself; all of the time. Whether it is the state of the kitchen floor she is talking to herself about, or where the keys to the house are; she is anxiously trying to work out, as to how things have gotten the way they are. In one breath she blames herself for the state of the kitchen floor, because she has let things slip since she had the flu. However, in the next breath she is asking why the kids or Rob don’t help her around the house, or cleans the kitchen floor themselves. Rob and the kids clearly do not notice that Bronwyn is experiencing mental distress.

Because of the way Bronwyn is feeling it would probably be best to seek professional help. She could start by telling the kids and Rob, exactly how she is feeling. By doing this her anxiety and stress levels, will drop a little. Her next step would be to contact her GP. The GP is an excellent first point of contact for someone who is suffering from mental distress. The GP will decide what the best treatment is and if required, can make arrangements for the patient should they need further intervention. Help can be in the way of counselling, or the patient may need referred to a psychiatrist for more intense treatment and/or therapy (Action on Depression, 2013)

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If Bronwyn was diagnosed this could lead on to both positive and, negative impacts. In the audio she talks of ‘the old me’. She is not certain of where the old she has gone. From a positive aspect this could mean Bronwyn could have a treatment plan tailored to her needs allowing her to get well. Bronwyn will start to feel like her old self again.

There are many different ways that Bronwyn can be treated. Treatment can depend on a number of factors. One of the most important factors will always be how Bronwyn wishes to proceed. ...

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