Psychology of health and wellbeing - Case study of male smokers.

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Psychology of health and wellbeing

In this assignment I will be producing a case study on male smokers. I will be describing and explaining the role of psychology in the health and wellbeing including key elements of the theoretical principles of health psychology. I will also include some statistics regarding smoking.

What is Health psychology?

Health psychology is designed to promote modification in individual’s attitude, behaviour and health care facilities. This is used to avoid behaviours and to help people by encouraging them to change their habits by having regular health checks, and understanding the perceptionsby examining the procedure that can explain such behaviours and addictions.

In this case study we will be looking at the psychology behind why male adults get addicted to smoking. There are many reasons, influences and certain determinants which encourage people, who may find themselves addicted to smoking, some of those influences are peer pressure, stress, low income, anxiety or depression.

Wellbeing is a crucial part of our health.  It is often described as feeling healthy, comfortable and happy. It is a combination of five essential elements. If someone hasn’t got a career, studies or something to look forward to it candiminish the chances of achieving a high wellbeing rapidly. Having a purpose to quit smoking for a life achievement or purpose can help motivate and determinate an individual to succeed. Social wellbeing; family, friends and social influences have an impact. The social learning theory describes how individuals learn by others. An addict will vary its addiction according to their surroundingsand company, if the addict was socializing with non-smokers it would motivate him to being healthy and it would diminish urges of wanting to smoke. Financial wellbeing is third crucial element. For example a person with less income will be worrying about financial problems and will most likely adapt smoking as a stress relief mechanism. Physical wellbeing that bears an influence upon smoking and determines health, if an individual is asthmatic they are less likely to continue smoking. Lastly community wellbeing is whenan individual’s environment plays a key role on how the situation will effect on their behaviour for example, smoking at a party will be encouraged whereas smoking at school would be discouraged.(Mary McMurran1994)

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Is smoking an addiction?

Psychologists believe that all behaviour is an addiction.Casually addiction can be defined as a connection in a behaviour thatfunctions to diminishdesires and deliver relief from distress, to the extent that the benefits are outweighed.

Cigarettes have nicotine in them that is very addictive; it alters the chemicals in your brain. It affects chemicals named dopamine and noradrenaline. It then changes the stages of these chemicals which changes the awareness and mood. When nicotine is smoked it rushes to the brain, the affects produce pleasure and reduces stress and anxiety. Smokers enjoy this feeling and become dependent ...

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