Review your chosen creative or therapeutic activity for patients or service users in a health and social care setting.

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Habiba Akhtar        Unit 7        62M

Unit 7: Creative and Therapeutic Activities in Health and Social Care

Task 4

Aim: Review your chosen creative or therapeutic activity for patients or service users in a health and social care setting.

Review of Activities

The activities I carried out as part of this assignment was a group activity of “snap”; a popular and common card game, and a single activity of puzzles. I believe that the activities went successfully and according to plan and that the service user/s participating found it an enjoyable experience.

In order to prevent the health and safety issues I discovered in Task 1, I ensured that the area where the activities took place were kept clear and that the tables and chairs were set in a suitable manner to avoid service user/s from hurting themselves by tripping over.

As activity 1 was a group activity that took place in the “activities room” at Edith Pearson Lodge it came to my recognition that the few service user/s that suffer from mobility problems may find it difficult to take themselves to the destination. In order to remove this barrier, I received help from colleagues at my work placement to help the clients to the activities room by using wheelchairs, walking frames, manual handling etc.

The relevant legislations, regulations and codes of practice that were relevant to take into consideration whilst my activities took place were; HASWA, RIDDOR, and Manual Handling Operations Regulations. Below, I have noted the importance and necessity of these legislations in more detail:

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Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASWA)

The Health and Safety at Work Act (HASWA) applies to all work situations. It covers everyone at work or anyone, such as the general public, who may be visiting a workplace. HASWA covers all health and safety legislation, providing a safe environment for all employees and employers.

Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995


Employers must report accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences and deaths to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). The HSE can then use this information to perform risk assessments.

Every ...

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