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The business I have chosen to study is Nab wood School in Cottingley Manor - health and safety

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HEALTH AND SAFETY REPORT NAB WOOD SCHOOL COTTINGLEY NEW ROAD BINGLEY BD16 1TZ TEL: 01274 567281 FAX: 01274 510688 Health and Safety In all areas of society there is an awareness of the necessary precautions needed to be taken to ensure others working for you or in your responsibity are safe. The business I have chosen to study is Nab wood School in Cottingley Manor. The reports will discus the schools ability to deal with health and safety and to what quality they do it at. The institution health and safety different departments which are all in good condition and the students are seen to be in a safe area the report will justify whether or not this is completely true. Nab wood has up to 1400 people that includes both students and the staff members. All these people need to be looked after and given a safe place to learn and work in. These are the main areas which health and safety relates to. * Activities- lifting on poor posture in games and PE lessons or carrying books around in the staff member's case. * Substances (dust and chemicals) wet floors, building work and science chemicals etc * Equipment and machinery-during building work and during engineering and other lessons held at the school; equipment used can be a danger. * Environment-noise radiation from building work and from the crowds, fire exits not working slippery floors. * Stress-exams and coursework and bullying etc TECHNOLOGY Equipment Tools Electrical equipment Saws Screwdrivers SCIENCE DEPARTMENT (L/P BLOCK) Chemicals Bunsen Burners Gas taps Electrics Computers N BLOCK Computers Power Point Projectors Lower School Students including senior students moving in and out Air Conditioning GENERAL Wet floors Overcrowding Unstable stairs Buses Un open able Fire doors The most common area of risk in school for teachers is tripping, slipping or falling. The NASUWT legal aid and services committee have handled as many as 30% to 40% cases, which are directly to do with slips, trips or falls. ...read more.


When we arrange for these changes we need and expect the public to help and participate in the strategy that we have set up." Bill Callaghan-EU health and safety representatives. The strategic plan covers the financial years 2001-2004. The commotion about health and safety is due to vast number of risks and hazards in work places such as Nab wood. Reduction of Health and Safety risks by managing health and safety. * Check that all the rules are kept to regularly more than once or twice a month. This will insure that all the rules are followed and that if any changes are needed to be made they can work on them as quick as possible. * Also the awareness of the representatives and first aide etc will help in case an accident occurs and will in some cases make injuries etc less severe. * Train more teachers to be prepared for accidents and how to handle health and safety hazards and to deal with preventing them in the first place. * Regular checks by the health and safety representatives on hazards and prevention methods. * Teaching students in lessons how to look after themselves in a crowded area and how to take care of others in the same environment. * More time and money spent on making sure all the health and safety hazards totally limited all around the school. * There are also problems with the fire exits, which are used in an incorrect manner at times. For instance exits are not to be used other then fires in some areas of the school such as the library and the DT area they are used as normal student exits. This is a safety hazard and may cause complications in situations such as fires etc. * The kitchen staff can reduce risks by assuring that all the food is swept off the floor regularly and on time before there is a rush in the dining areas before or after the students and staff eat. ...read more.


It is not just the positioning of the peripherals devices that is important. Headphones and speakers need to be adjusted so that the volume is not too loud. A child's ears are more sensitive than an adult's. It is advisable to ensure that volume controls are always turned down before use by students. Hygiene should also be considered, particularly when using in - ear headphones. In some circumstances individual users may benefit from: * Glare guard (if other measures to reduce glare are impracticable) * Wrist rests * Footrests * Humidifiers or in air conditioning * Copy holders Related health and safety considerations Other aspects of health and safety should also be considered: * Hazardous substances * Manual handling * Personal safety Hazardous Substances Toner used in printers and photocopiers is a fine dust. At one time, some toners were carcinogenic and may still be in use in some institutions. Careful handling required the use of gloves and special waste disposal. Inhalation should be avoided as should contact with skin. It always advisable to check the manufacturer's instructions. Fluids used for cleaning and in some reprographic processes are flammable. Always handle these with care and store in minimum quantities, preferably in metal containers, away from heat. Other substances, such as solvents are dangerous to inhale. Care should always be taken to reseal lids securely and store in upright containers. They should not be used in confined spaces and adequate ventilation should be maintained. Manual Handling IT equipment is often heavy or bulky and consideration should be given to the Manual Handling regulations. Trolleys could be used where appropriate. It is better to push a trolley, and then pull it. Personal Safety When using equipment such as photocopiers, remember that clothing, jewellery, hair and such thing can become trapped in fast moving parts. Dangerous parts should be guarded and guards must be kept in position when the machine is in use. As always some of the responsibility for all aspects of health and safety lies with individual, but instruction and training where possible will minimise risks. AVCE Business Unit 24 Kamran Akram ...read more.

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