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The effect of alcohol consumption on the brain.

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The affect of alcohol consumption on the brain Daniel Keith 0316620 PSY 210.1B Mind and Brain Vic Parliament, Ph.D. The effect of alcohol consumption on the brain Alcohol is a commonplace substance in our society today, many people consume alcohol socially but some people have problems with alcohol that go deeper than that. Alcohol affects the brain in many different ways; NMDA receptors are affected, cravings for alcohol in the brain are present, and alcohol withdrawals and tolerance is also a concern. ...read more.


These effects on the NMDA receptors should stop them from playing a role in the plasticity of the synapse. This is believed to be important for the development of drinking that is uncontrollable. Cravings for alcohol in the brain are present which is proved by rats. Some new data that says when rats that had drunk sweet flavored alcohol solutions during short periods of alcohol withdrawal, provided insight on the human side of psychological cravings. ...read more.


Neural cell loss after withdrawal occurs with alterations in the increase of NMDA receptors increase sensitivity to alcohol pretreated cortical neurons which results in neural cell loss after withdrawal. So you have the choice; you can drink alcohol and lose the ability for your neurotransmitters to work properly, you will build up a tolerance to alcohol, you will become addicted, try to quit then you will go through withdrawal. The moral of the story is that consumption of alcohol is not the most intelligent choice for teens and university students. ...read more.

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