This essay explores the topic of communication and its relevance to clinical practice.

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                                                 Reflection on communication

This essay explores the topic of communication and its relevance to clinical practice. I will discuss all the skills and knowledge that I have acquired whilst working as a Trainee Assistant Practitioner (TAP) and how my job role has changed since being a Clinical Support Worker (CSW) I will explain how I will develop this in to my new role as an Assistant Practitioner by using examples in my clinical placements that can then be applied to my own practice.

As a Clinical Support worker I did not have a lot of responsibility within communication, I was not expected to communicate with the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) regarding a patient’s health or well-being. I would have been expected to communicate any information regarding a patient to the qualified nurse that I was working alongside of and they would deal with any issues and speak to the Doctors. The information that I would cascade down to the registered practitioner would be the patients observations, any changes in their bowel movements i.e. loose bowels that require monitoring, if they were I pain or if I noticed any markings on their skin (pressure damage) whilst helping with their personal care.

Throughout my Trainee Assistant Practitioner training course I have grown in confidence in dealing with any issues regarding my patients, I now feel more confident to speak to the Doctors and any members of the (MDT). I am able to hand patients care over to other wards when they are transferring and ensure that all the relevant details are discussed. This is done by using the Situation-Background-assessment-recommendation (SBAR) tool this is an important tool to make sure that I don’t miss any important information regarding the patients care, my job is all about patients getting the best continuing care as any information that is missed could cause complications for the patient.

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Communication can be defined as the transfer of information between the source and the receiver (Dougherty and Lister, 2011). In the field of nursing excellent communication skills are primarily interpersonal, as is the process of feelings, meanings and any information that is shared via verbal or non-verbal communication between two or more people.  Effective patient healthcare communication is essential as it helps patients to adhere to their treatment regimens; it helps to contribute to the satisfaction of patients by contributing to their physical and emotional well-being.

When I communicate with patients and their families I ensure that I communicate ...

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