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Unit 10 care practice and provision

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Pippa Douglas Unit 10 care practice and provision National organisations like National health service (NHS) that provide health care fit for the 21st century, is designed around the service user, so that they get the individual care they need. It is divided into 'primary' and 'secondary' services, Primary services are usually the first place people contact for health advice or treatment, the service is provided locally to the particular person's home by GPs, nurses or therapists and secondary health services are based in hospitals which provide medical or surgical care. They are provided and supported by the NHS national organisations called primary care trusts (PTCS). PCTS research areas from national websites such as statistics finding the census population numbers, and find out what the people of a particular area are lacking regarding health care, they deal with providing primary and community services, and commission secondary services. They do this in order to determine what the area needs to make sure that it can provide the people with adequate services to improve the health of the local people within the area. The national PCT received back over 140,000 of completed questionnaires, surveys and listening events form where they got some opinions, feedback and statistics. Local PCTS, working with the national PCTS, the NHS, and the council work together, to discover the needs of the local area. Local PCT work to identify the needs of that particular area. Social care and health care services will take the lead for certain aspects of the plan, through joint partnership. I am going to be looking at my local PCT, which is The Wokingham Primary Care trust (WPCT).Set up in 2001which serves 150,000 population, with a budget around �133m per annum to provide commission and services for Wokingham. Wokingham is a three start PCT. I will be looking into how the organisation is run and successful, what its plans are for Wokingham area, how it meets the local and individual needs, how WFPCT go about improving and providing evaluating and reviewing health care for Wokingham. ...read more.


This way of supervision would benefit the practitioners because they would be able to ask questions or queries when they meet for their meetings, they would be able to discuss how they are where they would need any help. Supervision would also benefit the services users like Johnny, as practitioners would feel more comfortable and confident in what they are doing, so that they can provide the best quality care for Johnny. Practitioners also need to be able to work around Johnny to meet his need. 'Flexible working'. Being adaptable to their work load around Johnny his needs are met and the practitioners are organised and up to date with the Johnny so that they can resume the care or referral they need. The referral system of Johnny where, Johnny can be referred where the practitioners see fit to refer, the service users i.e. to residential homes, GP's or psychiatrist. Johnny could self refer himself (self referral) where they feel they want to see a GP for example; Johnny makes the choice to go and see the GP. With the CTPLD there is a case load with any referral system where they have waiting lists which may leave some service users like Johnny waiting weeks, or months. CTPLD have some service users with more extreme cases and therefore would be put near the front of the case load or waiting list, the more the extreme the case the higher the service user goes up in the waiting list, they are prioritised. The referral system benefits the services user as they see a more experienced practitioner who specialises in a particular area and therefore gets specialised care. The practitioners benefit as they can refer service users as and when they need to enable the service users to get the best care possible. In order to keep the CTPLD on track with there service users like Johnny, they deal with have assessment process Johnny, the practitioners may have interviews with Johnny or interventions where they intervene find what the needs of Johnny are and try and find ways of dealing or helping with it. ...read more.


Ensuring that all the needs and views of Johnny are integral to all the commission work. It also ensures s that Johnny who is vulnerable to abuse or discrimination are protected in law. The purpose of the white paper legislation affects Johnny and any other person that has a disability because, it sets out targets to help and improve Johnny's life, it makes sure that Johnny has right and consultations set in place to find out what Johnny options thoughts and suggestions are. Consultation would be done by Johnny's carers in Ravenswood which would be enforced by the governments polices. The white paper enforces that Ravenswood and other health care services and care practitioners are joint working together to promote the best possible health care for Johnny and other residents. White paper also enforces that Ravenswood and health and social care practitioners are responding to Johnny's needs, suggestions, complaints and opinions and those they are not just ignored but are dealt with and taken further. The white paper is also responsible for national and local care practice and provision abiding with national targets, joint working with other health acre services to ensure that residents like Johnny can receive the best possible care possible weather he needs to go out to the visit a physiotherapist or a physiotherapist comes to see Johnny at Ravenswood. Through monitoring Ravenswood and other health care settings through a range of approached has also helped to improve the quality of service provision both nationally and locally. The white paper in particular looks at the roles that both commissioners of learning disability services and the new Learning Disability Partnership Boards must play in developing and implementing local plans. It states that effective strategic planning at national and local levels is required in order to create individualized service for johnny and other people woth learning disablities, which will promote rights, independence, choice and inclusion. Johnny must be empowered to decide what changes he wants in his life. The pressure to improve services must not overtake the Johnny's needs and Johnny's carers. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

I was not sure the student is clear about what a multidisciplinary team is as several health care professionals were deemed to be an example of one. Remember that a MDT is one which contains professionals from different disciplines: health, social care and education for instance.
The student does not clarify how the client was empowered. The client has learning difficulties and so the marker would want to know how the client

Marked by teacher Diane Apeah-Kubi 05/09/2013

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