Why do some members of the public continue to hold concerns about the health aspects of mobile phones (or towers) in the face of scientific 'evidence'?

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Why do some members of the public continue to hold concerns about the health aspects of mobile phones (or towers) in the face of scientific 'evidence'?


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As telecommunication gathers pace, issues on the increment of mobile phone towers to support the development within the industry, it has become a main focus of society. With the factual presentation of scientific evidence, that mobile phone towers are not as harmful as public believed it to be. Concerns on the health aspects of mobiles and their transmitting towers continue to post a threat to some members of the public. Fear of the hazards that these wireless communication devices has once constituted remained in the minds of the society through the shocking articles and cases written in relation towards the effects and problems that mobile phones and mobile phone towers produce. With the constant concerns stagnant, further in depth education would have to be implemented towards the wireless communication devices relating towards health issues for the sake of savoring the rewards that new telecommunication technology has bestowed to us.


Wireless telecommunications have been a part of our lives where it brings convenience toward mobile communications. Irregardless of their beneficial contributions, it has brought in threats concerning health issues due to these wireless services require the presence of facilities that constituted health problems. Although scientific evidence has been produced through researches done, it seemed that it is not due to the insufficient evidence presented but rather these evidences are not persuasive enough to gain the trusts of society.

Even though the evidence presented are supported with persuasion through experts to provide education and to inform the public about the health concerns, taking safety and strict precautions. These precautions would in turn ensure reduced possibility of health threats that the mobile towers would pose.

It is however no doubt that it is not with health threats that the members of public is worried mainly but more towards the thoughts of recalling the cases, problems and issues that has occurred which has overpowered the present scientific evidence that has been presented to them.

Issues from the public members consists of several factors which are mainly requirement of  assurance and that the amount of resources spent on research strike a concern with the long term health effects. (Smith, J.E, 2002, ‘Telecommunications Bill Raises Constitutional Issues’)

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Scientific Evidences

The scientific evidence that are produced and presented to the public are “although more research into the effects of RF radiation is being undertaken to answer unresolved questions, there is no convincing evidence that prolonged exposure to very low levels of RF radiation causes any adverse health effects.” (Anonymous, 1998, ‘Mobile phone base stations: is there a health hazard?)

This evidence that is presented to members of the public does not address their issues and did not provide them with guarantee of anything. It just merely mentions that there is no proof that mobile towers ...

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