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Art Analysis: Safely Contained, Image: Scarface, Artist: Miles Donovan.

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Art Analysis: Safely Contained Image: Scarface Artist: Miles Donovan This image is one of a series of four other paintings, all of iconic people. The image I am analyzing is of Robert De Nero as Scarface, an example of another of the images is Stevie Wonder. The image I am studying of Scarface is a computer generated image which was produced in Photoshop, the photo from a real shot in the film. The theme that is carried through the images is that they are all placed on a red background. I think this helps to make the images more striking, which works extremely well. With most paintings, such a heavy coloured background would make the foreground image appear o recede; but the artist in this piece has reversed this, making the red compliment the subject. We could maybe say this image is a stem of the 'pop art' movement; although it contains the blocked and flat colour elements, it still remains to be painted in a lifelike colour and composition, and so does not possess the vibrant colours usually related with 'pop art.' ...read more.


For example there are no brush strokes which can be used to give the sense of movement.. The subject's face I think also gives a sense of stillness, his solemn and stern look, showing no sign of emotion; this symbolizes the overall lack of movement. It is the face that carries what I see as the focal point; I would say this is the subject's eyes. They are offset by a very dark heavily painted eye structure and eyebrow, so the brilliant white of the eye ball is very clear. This is what attracts my eye as soon as I look at the image, being drawn into a face which is not particularly inviting, instead somewhat menacing. This focal point is set almost central to the image, which provides a good flow from the focal point to the edges. The view point of the artist is clear; he is at the same level as his or hers subject. ...read more.


The colour is very localized and contained, the ranges of colours do not tend to merge, but are used very much in the same area. This is the contrast that provides the different colour ranges within the image. The uses of neutrals have been used to build up the figure, and also his hair. This use works well to build up the form of the man, because shadows can be built up very quickly and effectively with such a range of colours. I think the reason there is a limited used of colour is because of the techniques Donovan executes, such as stenciling and spray paints, this would mean the composition would become very uneven if he was to build up colour sections which would invoke more layers. I think the image on the whole works extremely well, the techniques used tie together very well, the outcome being a very successful piece of work. The feature I am most intrigued by is how the artist has used the colour red as the background, which works so effectively to promote the subject of the picture. ...read more.

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