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The database of work has been collated over the years exclusively from students submitting their own work to our websites. The teacher and reviewer feedback, plus the subject specific hints and tips are all provided by our in-house team of experts. The collective input provides you with the information needed to write grade winning work.

When it comes to removing essays from the site that have been uploaded for free site usage, we have a strict policy. We will of course remove essays should they be replaced with an alternative submission or a paid subscription is taken out on the site. This is to guard against the site being exploited for free access, resulting in no benefit to the site and the MarkedByTeachers community.

Work can only appear on our site if a user submits it to one of our online coursework libraries (not necessarily Marked by Teachers), and accepts our terms and conditions which state that they guarantee that they have the intellectual property rights for that document. If someone has fraudulently submitted your work to our site, please send us the URL of the document (the address in address bar of your browser), along with a short description of the problem. Our team will then investigate the issue and may require further information from you.

Please note that in 90% of all such instances it ends up that the user did actually submit their work to one of our websites, so please don't be too quick to leap to any conclusions.

If the document doesn't have a reference list and bibliography (located at the end of the document), then I'm afraid it means that these items were not submitted with the original document and therefore we don't have access to them.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this – however you can reference the essay itself in your own work - for more information on how to do this, please see our guide to good referencing – Avoid Plagiarism Like the Plague.

Sorry, but to protect the privacy of our users we can't provide their contact details.

We do not offer a customer writing service or any direct help with coursework. Please check out our Essay writing guide for helpful tips and advice.

Also you can view any and all essays on your subject by using our advanced search tool which can be found at the top of the screen or by clicking on this page: Just fill in the fields you need to refine your search and get the results you're looking for.

We advise that you read the essays in your chosen subject area that have been marked by teachers/peer reviewed to help with your studies, as our team pick essays from our database to highlight particular points of interest that they believe best highlight important points that will help students write better essays.

If you want your name to be included in your coursework, then please put your name in the document when you submit it. If you do not put your name in the essay, then it will be anonymous.

Note that during the essay upload process we ask for your full name – this isn’t for publishing with your document. We submit it to TurnItIn to ensure that you are recorded as the original author.

All work should be submitted to us in the form that you want it to appear on the site. However if you've forgotten to remove your name, or any other sensitive information, please contact us. Please be sure to include the full URL of the document (the address in your web browsers address bar) in your email.

In general, anything that will be of use to our visitors! (including, coursework, homework assignments, lab projects, fieldwork, research assignments, exam preparation notes and controlled assessment preparation). This usually means that the work should be greater than 500 words in length for GCSE documents, 800 words for AS/A-level and IB, and 1,200 words for university level; that it is grammatically sound; original (all essays are automatically checked to see if they appear elsewhere on the Internet – essays should be your own work, and not taken from another site); and appropriate (not unnecessarily offensive).

We normally process all submitted work within 24 hours. Please remember that you can always get instant access by paying to subscribe/extend your account, should you be in a hurry.

Please check your "My published essays" (found in "My account" in the top right hand corner of every page, when logged in). This should tell you the status of all submitted work.
Very occasionally we get just too busy and don't manage to process all the work within 24 hours. We hate it when this happens, and will be beavering as fast as we can to catch up. If you do wait longer than 24 hours please try and be patient. If you do need to view our coursework urgently, remember that you can gain instant access by paying from as little as £6.99 per month.

All submitted work needs to pass our quality control process before it is published and a free pass credit is applied to your account. We aim to complete that quality control process in less than 24 hours. If your work passes quality control then we'll let you know by email. However, you will need to activate your free pass from your "My published essays" page (found in "My account" in the top right hand corner of every page, when logged in).

You will need to activate your free pass from your "My published essays" page (found in "My account" in the top right hand corner of every page, when logged in).

Your free pass, once activated, will last for 24 hours. If you have had multiple essays pass our quality control process, then each one will receive its own free pass that will need to be activated by you (n.b. free passes will remain usable for 12 months – please ensure they are activated, when needed, within that period).

Reasons for individual instances vary, but generally involve one or more of the following:

· Not long enough – 400 words minimum
· Bits missing – graphs, diagrams, references or bibliography
· A single experiment, project or essay may have been split up and submitted in different files, thus making each individual submission incomplete
· Copied from elsewhere
· The work may have already been submitted and accepted
· Hard to understand – Poor spelling or grammar
· Wrong format – We support .doc .docx .rtf and .txt file formats
· File may have been submitted incorrectly
· File may not have been saved correctly
· Irrelevant – Not likely to be of use to others
· Junk/Gibberish/Inappropriate

However, given that we process hundreds of documents every day, hopefully you'll understand that occasionally mistakes happen. If you feel this is the case then please resubmit your work and we'll take another look.

Log in to the site using your email and password (you can do this from the top right corner of any page). Then click on the "My account" option (located just below the Log in/out button on every page) and choose "Upload your essays".

Note – please ensure that you have permission to upload your work, either from the institution the work was written for or in the case of group work, all group members that contributed.

The documents within our database are user generated and although it is unlikely that we wont have something useful for you it does sometimes happen. Please use our search tool to find similar documents.

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