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Roy Lichtenstein: - Biography

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ROY LICHTENSTEIN: - Biography Roy Lichtenstein was born in New York City in 1923. Lichtenstein studied at the Ohio State University were he learned about visual psychology and optical illusion. During his early years Lichtenstein's early work was in an American Realist Tradition, gradually giving way to more modernist approach under influence of cubism and abstract expressionism, Lichtenstein also experimented with found objects. ...read more.


By 1964 Lichtenstein was beginning to become an established full-time artist and he had already made a stir with his large hand painted canvases reproducing commercial comic-strip frames. In 1963 he moved to New York, and was commissioned by the architect Phillip Johnson to produce large format paintings for the New York State Pavilion at the worlds fair in New York. ...read more.


In 1981 the St. Louis Art Museum organised a comprehensive retrospective of his work, which toured the U.S.A, Japan and Europe. In 1985 he produced a mural for the Equitable Centre, New York and in 1987 he had a retrospective of his drawings at the Museum of Modern Art, New York and at the Kunsthalle, Frankfurt (1988). Lichtenstein continued to work up until his death if Pneumonia in 1997. Famous works of Lichtenstein include: - "In the car" "Anxious girl" "As I Open Fire" "Anxious Girl" "Drowning Girl" "Whaam!" ...read more.

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