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Analysing a Job Application for a School Support Officer

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐Unit 2 P1 Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation. Introduction I have chosen an application form used by Torfaen County Borough Council and have used a job description for a School Support Officer to illustrate how the application form is used. The School Support Officer is responsible for managing the reception function for the school and providing administrative support in the school office. The purpose of the application form The application form is used to identify and collect information about the applicant. This is needed to make sure the applicant is eligible for/match the position that the applicant are taking on. All questions included in the application form are relevant to the position being applied for. All information provided is extremely important when it comes to making sure the applicant is right for the role. The application form is the applicant?s opportunity to convince the selection panel that the applicant should select them to go through to the next phase in the recruitment phases, usually an interview. All information in it should make it easy for the selection panel to see how well the applicant matches the job, provides evidence of how previous experience, skills and abilities mean that the applicant match the needs of the job i.e. the abilities/skills specified within the essential/desirable criteria of the person specification. ...read more.


The application form states that personal references will not be accepted from friends and family. A personal reference is one where the referee knows the applicant, socially but hasn?t worked with them. The employer in this instance is only interested in finding out the applicant?s ability to do the job. The applicant should provide contact details for referees that know them in a professional/educational capacity wherever possible as it is their knowledge/experience of them in a professional sense that the employers are seeking their opinions on. Good references are very important. All offers of appointment are made subject to satisfactory references. An applicant cannot be offered a position unless positive references have been received. All offers of appointment are made subject to satisfactory references. Section 6 asks for details of educational qualifications. Although the person specification for the job doesn?t ask for any particular qualifications, it does rank as essential a good standard of numeracy and literacy. So applicants should have a pass in Maths or English GCSEs to demonstrate this. It also asks for good IT and typing skills, so again if the applicant has ICT GCSE or RSA qualifications it could demonstrate that the applicant have the right educational qualifications to do the job. If the applicant doesn?t show through their application form that the applicant meet all of the essential criteria, then the applicant won?t be asked to attend the interview. ...read more.


Section 18 provides information about the recruitment process and thanks applicants for showing an interest in the post. Section 19 asks for the application to sign and date the application form to confirm that all of the information contained within it is true and not false or misleading. The applicant is then asked to complete an equality monitoring form. The information provided in this section is removed from the application form and analysed on an anonymous basis to help the council monitor the effectiveness of its equal opportunities policies. After the application is submitted it will be considered to see if the applicant meets the specification for the post. Successful applicants will then be notified. The next stage of the recruitment process is an interview during which the content of the application form can be explored, questions asked and information verified. In addition, the general intelligence and suitability of the applicant can be assessed. The interview also gives the applicant the opportunity to sell them self and to outline the qualities and skills that the applicant can offer within the role that the applicant may not have sufficiently illustrated in the application form. If the applicant is successful, the applicant will then be offered the job as a Schools support officer. If not, the applicant will be contacted and told that the applicants aren?t qualified for the role. ...read more.

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