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Extracts from this document...


E1 Overlook Of My Business In this coursework I have to look at a business and do a report on it. I have decided to look at ASDA. ASDA is a private limited company and is owned by an American PLC company called WAL-MART. As WAL-MART owns all of ASDA's shares, ASDA is also known as ASDA WAL-MART. ASDA is a retailer and sells goods and services to the general public. Examples of some goods sold at ASDA include: * Food * Drink * Cutlery * Home + Leisure (i.e. videos, books, c.d's etc) * Clothing * DIY equipment (i.e. paint, paintbrushes, nails etc) The benefits of being a private limited company are: * The business can stay small as a private limited company - this isn't much of a benefit as big retailing companies (e.g. WAL-MART) can easily take them over (i.e. by buying their shares) and get rid of them. * The owners or shareholders usually work in the business everyday * The shareholders are usually directors who are responsible for the running of the business * It is generally easy to start up a private limited company as it usually only costs around �100 or �200 to start with * Shares can only be transferred with the agreement of all shareholders and can't be sold to the public. This provides the owners control over the company * If the company has a good financial track, banks are more willing to give them loans * Owners can never loose more than they invested as they have limited liability * The business accounts are private and can only be seen by the owners and the Inland Revenue. As well as benefits there are also constraints or drawbacks. Examples of constraints/drawbacks are listed below. * It isn't possible to sell shares to the general public just to raise additional profits * Limited companies have to comply with more regulations than Sole Traders. ...read more.


would like to see in the store. There are 3 stages of quality development: * Quality Control (QC) * Quality Assurance (QA) * Total quality management (TQM) Quality Control (QC) looks at the flow of production. They have to look and see what falls below standards. Quality Control is carried out by quality control inspectors. Inspection and testing are common ways of doing quality control. Quality Assurance (QA) is concerned with making sure there are no faults before and after the production flow. Quality Assurance also have to make sure all products that are produced are up to standards and have "zero defects". Quality Assurance are responsible for a workforce, working in teams rather than an inspector. Total Quality Management (TQM) goes beyond Quality Assurance. TQM is designed to make every employee delight a customer. Customers are at the centre of the production process. (Source of reference: Heinemann AVCE Advanced Business 2000 edition - Dave Needham & Rob Dransfield). TQM is a form of operations management. TQM is associated with every worker in a work place and tries to persuade them to consider quality in everything they do. All the employees aim to please customers, as the customers are one of the most important resources they have. ASDA have been running these steps (QC, QA and TQM) by making sure every product they make in store (e.g. rotisserie chickens, bakery breads etc) are fit to sell and there is nothing wrong with the finished product. If something was to go wrong (e.g. say a knife was found in a bakery bread loaf), ASDA's QC and QA team would have to investigate the problem and find out: * How the problem happened * How it could have been prevented * How future incidents like this can be prevented They (QC and QA) would have to look at the stages of how the bread was made (i.e. ...read more.


rotisserie ovens for chickens) and cold storage systems (e.g. a fridge to store rotisserie chickens). If a fault was to happen the Admin workers who act as QC and QA would have to report it immediately so that something would be done to ensure a smooth working environment. It would help ASDA achieve its objectives as one of ASDA's objectives is to produce good quality goods (see tasks E2 and C1) as when customers want good quality ready to eat products, the Admin QC and QA team would make sure the area that produce the foods would look tasty and hopefully persuade the customers to buy the products. Hopefully this would have a big impact on the ASDA store. Evaluation... In this coursework I have found out how ASDA works. I have found out what its objectives are, what they aim to do, how they communicate to other ASDA stores, ASDA HQ and WAL-MART Head Office, what their objectives are and how they fulfil them and how they aim to cater for the public. I have found out that ASDA are a very strong company and are very successful and popular. I have found out that ASDA aim to do their best to beat their rivals, gain high market shares and do their best to satisfy their customers. I have learnt how the latest developments have helped ASDA, especially in ICT and how they keep up to date with the latest trends in their business sector (the tertiary sector). I have also learnt ASDA aim to produce everything under one roof thus making ASDA a one stop shop and making products for everyone of every age and sex and always keep their prices low to attract more customers. Overall I have found out that ASDA is a highly successful company and do their best to cater for the general public and provide everything for their customers and keep prices low so that they can generate high amounts of profits. Ravi Ahluwalia ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Structures, Objectives & External Influences section.

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