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Basel II countributions

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Title: Report: Business Opportunities and Problems/ implications in China By: Ninad Pattalwar Date of submission: 12 Feb 2009 TO: The Managing Director PREFACE Working for a plastic manufacturing company which sells tailored plastic components for cars and general vehicle fittings, the report outlines the opportunities as well as problems of doing business in china. Core Strategy perspective is to expand our operations in china in terms of production and packing. Contents Page Executive Summary 4 Introduction 5 Findings 6 Problems/Implications 7 Conclusion 7 Recommendations 8 Executive Summary China holds some of the highly advantages elements of doing business. The Chinese economy and the governments play a key role in the Chinese business environment. Firstly the nature of the business environment is necessary to be established. China's international presence is highly dominant. The highly productive Chinese economy offers new entry opportunity in the Chinese emerging markets. The highly advantages elements of doing business in china includes growing consumer base, highly productive and effective labour markets and clearly creates a platform to carry out operational activities. However foreign companies doing business in China face challenges due to the complex business culture. ...read more.


Firstly the highly productive labour markets, secondly the cost reducing factors and finally the rapidly growing economy and emerging new markets. Along with these aspects the starting up approach should be planned and implemented effectively. Start up approach Starting up is clearly a complex process. There are many initial procedures to start-up a business in china, the business environment is varied around china the capital regions offer a valuable platform to operate with clusters of other businesses. The ex ante approval and registering with the local State Administration of industry and commerce is required before starting a business. The approval will certainly make operations simple and cost effective. Various regions offer advantages in terms of start up costs and operating costs. Hence there are many steps involved such as registering and approval of the company seal, tax bureau etc. Highly Productive Labour Market China has one of the world most productive labour markets. The labour market is highly skilled and the total costs of hiring labour and human resources are very low compared to other countries. However the labour costs vary from local regions. The rural areas have even lower costs. A more market oriented labour market is emerging; vast majority of the growth is in the urban private sector. ...read more.


Core strategy is to start-up and establishing suppliers, labour force, and customer base and sustains relationships. Recommendations * Establish a clear business type either a joint venture or a wholly owned enterprise. * Attend Chinese business conference and gain relationships with supplier, customers and gain an insight of the business environment. * To develop a balanced adaptation to business culture in China * To Venture or start up operations in coastal regions of china which consist of many cluster of businesses which are operating and expanding * Establishing a partner and establishing a joint venture with an approved seal. Partnership would be advantages as we need someone with local knowledge and experience in the Chinese business environment. * Employ local Managing director with Chinese business environment knowledge. * Increase awareness in terms of business environment, local knowledge and culture. * Obtain more market research on the manufacturing sector and construct a strategy * Establishing a representative office in China before expanding which allows the company to become more familiar with the market, and get a better picture of what the market for their products and services are, and what the customers want. * Use of an experienced advisor is highly recommended. The retention of professional Assistance may also lead to an early exposure of unidentified business risks. ?? ?? ?? ?? Doing Business in China 1 Ninad Pattalwar ...read more.

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