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Business Studies - Recruitment

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Task Three Business Studies The purpose of the recruitment and selection process is to acquire a suitable number of employees with appropriate skills, in order to meet the man power requirements of the organisation. It is in the interests of the firm to achieve this goal at a minimum cost in terms of both time and resources. Businesses use several standard documents in the recruitment process, below are some of the key documentation used by businesses during recruitment. Authority to recruit - Once it is established that there is a need to fill a vacant post, managers need to know whether there is sufficient budget to cover the cost of the vacancy, although McDonalds are a large company they will have budgets for all their costs, this includes having a cash limits on recruiting as each employee costs �130 to train, this means authority to fill the post must be given before the recruitment process. Job Descriptions A job description should be created for every job role. This document should set out the overall purpose of the job and the key tasks and responsibilities of the post. Structure and components of a job description Component Function Job Title This should be a short descriptive title that explains the nature of the job, such as customer service assistant or senior team leader. Purpose Usually a one sentence summary of why the role exists: for example, to provide customer service support to retail sales team. Key Tasks These should be specific activities and described clearly using action words: for example, to co-ordinate, calculate and produce sales reports. ...read more.


This rewards consistent hard workers by giving extended holidays and by also putting their name, picture and McDonalds location on a plaque with other contenders for the award, McDonalds know there are other fast foods stores potential employees could join, so that's the reason why McDonalds offer competitive pay and benefits to their staff, for instance in the first year alone McDonalds offer 3 pay reviews, so if a member of staff has excelled they will get an pay rise as an incentive to work, added to this they also get a private healthcare and free life assurance after 1 year. At McDonalds the staff can become bored due to the repetitiveness of the work, therefore McDonalds need to ensure that their employees are motivated and there is good morale, otherwise they can potentially suffer of poor performance, as a result poor performance can lose the business a lot of money and may deter customers away from there branch. So to make sure employees are happy with their job McDonalds may consider introducing job rotation to the member of staff if they feel he/she is capable. E.g. more outgoing people are more suited to working on the tills and checking over customers, while less talkative or those who can handle pressure are better suited to working in the kitchen area. Motivating staff isn't just about incentives, it has much to do with the way employers treat and manage staff. Give your staff Purpose Responsibility Empower staff to carry out decision making within the job role. ...read more.


McDonalds use their website to get the message across to their customers that they are healthy, all the nutritional values are available, as well as a section on how to stay healthy, their website is typically designed to attract their target audience. Interview Assessment Form Marking Criteria Mrs Carver Mr Checketts Appearance 8/10 6/10 Attitude 9/10 4/10 Personality 8/10 5/10 Education 8/10 7/10 Experience 10/10 8/10 Career Goals 8/10 4/10 How they handled the stress of the interview 10/10 3/10 Skills 7/10 6/10 Aptitude 9/10 5/10 For the poster to stand out its important that its bright and attractive, rather than using a white background I opted for using an image of the outside of a McDonalds store so people can straight away tell what it is, the big bright M, also grabs the attention of viewers, whilst gives the poster an identity. "McDonalds Recruiting" is in large Green Font so it stands out, it's also on a yellow background, otherwise the text would be to hard to read against the image, the details of the job description and location is underneath so applicants are able to apply. Beneath this is two images, one showing the recognisable Ronald McDonald and a member of staff with a smiling customer, this gives the business a good image, as well say showing McDonalds operates around a friendly and cheerful atmosphere. The next image is the writing McDonalds against a scenic background, this stands out as it's a contrast to the rest of the poster. However it's effective as it's attractive and relaxing, which is important, as it's a generally busy looking poster. Alex Kaczmarek ...read more.

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