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Currys & Motivation

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Curry's & Motivation Content's Page Page Introduction 1 Content Theory 2 Process Theory 4 Primary Research 5 Conclusions & Recommendations 8 Appendix 1 9 Appendix 2 10 Introduction I have decided to undertake a literature review on Currys, an established electrical retailer founded by Henry Curry in 1884. From 1984 it has been part of the DSG International plc. Operating in the tertiary sector, Currys has become the United Kingdom's largest electrical retailer, with 510 stores nationwide, employing 13,714 staff and earning �2,677 million in 2007/2007 alone. I will be focusing on the Curry branch in Crawley, which has been running since 2001. It currently employs 14 full-time and 13 part-time colleagues. They are divided into teams working in the various areas of the shop floor including white goods (laundry, cooking and refrigeration), computing and small domestic appliances, T-bar (photographic technology and MP3 players) and the gallery (televisions and DVD players). Each team has a team leader, whose job it is along with the rest of the management team to maintain high levels of motivation throughout. The employees at the for-front are one of the most valuable assets, if not, the most important to a business like Currys in gaining a competitive advantage, in terms of profits and customer retention, in the market. Recent feedback from internal questionnaires shows growing concerns of low morale within the workforce, reflected by the poor percentage results. I will be looking into motivation of employee's at Currys to find out the reasons why low morale in the workforce has had a correlating link towards the underachievement of bonuses. Bonuses can be earned each month when the bonus strike rate is 24% or above, then employees will get paid �1 for any whateverhappens (insurance) and instant replacement, �2 for pay-as-you-go (insurance), and �5 for each Easiplan (finance) they provide to customers. With the strike rate below 24% in recent months, since I have been working there for 6 months, together with negative feedback from internal questionnaires shows a problematic area to be examined within this literature review on motivation. ...read more.


Primary Research I undertook a structured interview with my regional manager at Currys and he had the following responses to my questions. The interview with the manager revealed that intrinsically they attempt to motivate employees by praising and showing appreciation for good work; treating them with respect; recognition through an employee of the month award; the sense of being part of the team by organising team-building events; also, delegating responsibility when it is appropriate. Extrinsically. He answered with common business tools such as pay and bonuses but also cost effective means through scratch cards and lottery tickets if anyone sold discontinued products or sold any insurance or finance. Upon the question: "In the last 12 months, how many times has the team achieved bonuses?" Although he was adamant to reply because of the sensitivity of the answer, he did respond by stating that "Currys is at a stage of transition and are continually trying to improve employee motivation through various mediums" and have up coming appraisals to assess individual performance, which he indicated could result pay rises for excellent performers. From the interview it seems Currys do attempt to motivate through intrinsic and extrinsic incentives. However, the results from the questionnaire appear to show a wider implication. I designed a questionnaire to be answered by a representative sample of the 15 sales colleagues to uncover their motivation levels working at Currys. Employees, although 60% were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with the companies procedure, were on average satisfied with their job security, the physical working environment and the hours worked each week, showing evidence that Herzberg's 'hygiene' factors were being met. A method exploited by companies s pay, 60% were satisfied, contradictory, to the questions regarding bonuses which clearly shows 60% of very dissatisfied employees with the connection between bonuses and performance, which can be considered inequitable. Along with 80% of very dissatisfied employees with the recognition of work accomplished, which suggests that employees do not feel valued, thus, do not work harder because they feel their efforts or competence are not recognised. ...read more.


Currys is at a stage of transition and are continually trying to improve employee motivation through various mediums. 2b. is the bonus target variable from month to month or is there a consistent benchmark target? There is a constant benchmark target at all the Currys store under the DSG Company 3. Have you got any future plans to ensure high levels of staff motivation? Annual performance pay increase (increase basic wage) Appraisal External bonuses from external companies Appendix 2: Sample of a questionnaire: Questionnaire Please could you answer these questions in as much detail as possible as I am focusing on employee motivation at Currys for my coursework. Rating your satisfaction 1 2 3 4 5 Very Dissatisfied Neither Satisfied Very dissatisfied satisfied nor dissatisfied satisfied Using the scale show above, rate your level of satisfication with the following aspects of your job. General working conditions _____ Hours worked each week _____ Physical working environment _____ Job security _____ Company procedures (disciplinary, performance appraisal) Pay & Bonuses _____ Pay _____ Connection between bonuses and performance _____ Recognition for work accomplished in terms of bonuses Work relationships _____ Relationships with your co-workers _____ Relationship(s) with the management team _____ The ability to express your feelings and opinions to the managers Use of skill and abilities _____ Opportunity to utilise your skills and talent _____ Opportunity to learn new skills Work activities _____ Workload _____ Variety of job responsibilities _____ Degree of independence associated with your work roles _____ Adequate opportunities for promotion/advancement _____ Ability to influence decisions that affect you What do you look for when you first start out in a job? Do you know the requirements to obtain individual and team bonuses? If yes could you please state below. In your opinion, how could the company improve motivation of its employees? If there are any other comments that you would like to share or issues that you would like to raise, please do so here: Thank you for your time and effort ...read more.

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