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Describe the main physical and technological resources that are involved in the running of your selected business.

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Task1 P1 (a) An explanation on the selected organisation in terms of its ownership, structure, location, size and product/service provision. John Lewis What does John Lewis do? The John Lewis Partnership is one of the UK's top ten retail businesses with 26 John Lewis department stores and 183 Waitrose supermarkets. It retails clothes, home furniture, electrical items, sports and leisure (art and craft, cameras). John Lewis is in the partnership with Waitrose and sell food. The partnerships they have with suppliers from around the world help them to offer customers over 350,000 product lines in John Lewis, from fashion and furnishings to household goods, and around 18,000 high quality food products in Waitrose. Through their network of suppliers around the world, John Lewis aims to bring customers the best fashion, furnishings and household goods at competitive prices, from Scottish wool and Sheffield steel to Italian leather, American Maplewood and electronics from the Far East. Their buyers work with more than 4,000 suppliers in over 80 countries to find them. They own one production unit in the north of England - Herbert Parkinson, which produces John Lewis's own-brand duvets, pillows, furnishing fabrics and provides our made-to-measure curtain service. Waitrose and John Lewis head office is situated in London Victoria where they order all the stock and store it in an Essex warehouse. They deliver all the stock to the different John Lewis department stores and then after all that the stock goes into the storage room, from their employees put all of that stock onto different shelves. John Lewis ownership John Lewis is a Partnership, have the chance to become larger than partnership business organizations. All 69,000 permanent staff as the Partners who own 27 John Lewis department stores, 198 Waitrose supermarkets. They all have equal share in the business and they all the equal bonuses from the company profit. John Lewis has their own unique ownership structure: it was a structure established via two trusts. ...read more.


Inside the store continues to shine with its impressive collection of goods that range from TV's to spoons. All areas are well labeled and all the areas have their unique look and design There are both escalators and lifts available and access for the disabled is very easy. The aisles are wide enough to accommodate for large numbers of people which is a plus, some stores do not think of this in their designs and allow to much space for their products to be displayed, forgetting people actually have to get to the products in the first place. There is a caf� on the top floor of the store which provides small tasty snacks and drinks to refresh you as you ready yourself for another 3 hour walk around the rest of the store. There is adequate seating and the furniture and caf� area is well maintained. They also provide different facilities for customers and employees like disable parking, toilets, entrance, heating, elevators, fire exits etc. John Lewis tries to recycle it waste like paper and clothes. They tries to reduce the materials and try to be more environmentally friendly. Plant, machinery and equipment Equipments are essential for John Lewis to operate smoothly. They try to provide different equipments to its employees to maintain the shop for example for example MS Visio Network Equipment, this technical systems helps individuals and teams more effectively. Visio diagrams make a message more concise, help people remember main points, and transcend cultural and technical barriers. John Lewis use this system in their human resources department. John Lewis used most advanced computers to make work easy and fast for their employees. They use some CCTV as equipment to maintain shop security which is maintained by the technician every day. Security, insurance and emergency provision John Lewis follows The Health and Safety at Work Act. They have drawn up polices and provisions for should happen in event of an emergency for example they provided emergency fire exits for employees and customers, they have also trained employees and provide them with clear instruction with emergency procedures. ...read more.


This saves John Lewis a lot of money and gives them more profit. * John Lewis manage the highest levels of building security so its employees can work there safely and customers can shop their safely. It will also create a safe environment for everyone in store. This will result in more customers in store and more profit. It will also create a good image of john Lewis. * All John Lewis building and its products are managed by "greenbee" insurance company. It provides john Lewis building and its products with good protection against vandalism, fire, flood etc. John Lewis also provides insurance to its employees in case of accident or injury. This makes employee work freely with less concern and more people will try to work with John Lewis. Technological resources Technological resources are more than just equipment resources for John Lewis. At John Lewis these are owned like physical recourses, have to be managed in the same way this wills improve the company performance for example: * John Lewis needs to manage the ideas of people and their staff. This will give John Lewis right to own the ideas of people. Which they can use for their benefits. This can help join Lewis to make more profit through a new idea and no other organization can use it again. * John Lewis needs to manage to keep people who come across lots of different issues to with the job and have good experience. This will cut the cost for John Lewis to recruit new staff and train them. It will also save time for the John Lewis. Overall I think managing human, physical and technological resources department will help John Lewis to get best out staff and from customers. It will result in less staff turnover. Human resource also helps John Lewis to make good public relations and built a proper referral system which will result in that other organization can do business with john Lewis with a trust and John will have more capital and profit. http://ucsfhr.ucsf.edu/index.php/pubs/hrguidearticle/chapter-14-team-building/ http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/offline-shopping-misc/john-lewis/1107797/ http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/detail?type=RESOURCES&itemId=1074461555 ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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