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Discuss the reasons why modern organisations engaged in the construction and property industries should use work study in their business.

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QUESTION 1 Write an essay of between 900?1,000 words with the following title: Discuss the reasons why modern organisations engaged in the construction and property industries should use ?work study? in their business. The reasons why a modern organisation should use ?work study? in their business can be determined because of the potential benefits it can provide to the efficient running of the organisation. Work study is the systematic study of processes or operations to ensure the more efficient use of human and resources that are available. It is also known as the time/motion study and since its introduction; it has developed the course of instituting standard times with the motion study improving work methods by involving different techniques. With the refining and integration of these two techniques it become a generally accepted method for the improvement and advancement in work processes and systems that are used within the construction and property industries as well as many others involved in production. ...read more.


when he started his own business he introduced several procedures which improved the motion pattern and increased productivity from 120 bricks laid per hour up to 350. In my line of work we carry out surveys on behalf of institutions such as the NHS for space and usage, by using a form of the work study over a period of between a week and a month we analyse the occupancy of the rooms and whether they are empty, under, fully or over used. Once this information has been collected, collated and analysed then we can see where savings for the particular trust can be made. This can be based upon economic, technical or human conditions, whether they are planning on downsizing/merging or moving to larger premises, whether the space is fully utilised or if it is up to the minimum requirements for standard working conditions. A rating can then be identified for each aspect and other reviews are compared allowing for decisions to be made and improvements can then be implemented. ...read more.


This method will contribute towards the search for better and improved methods, whilst ensuring optimum working procedures and effective use of management utilisation tools to help achieve higher productivity. In relation to my work place it was noticed that time and effort was being wasted due to a lack of a suitable and sufficient filing system; files were regularly misplaced and no backup records were kept. By analysing these ineffective methods it was evident that improvements were needed and therefore following this study and more effective and efficient system was put into place which addressed all the identified problems in the study. The benefits of work study is to have an increase in operational efficiency and productivity, reduce manufacturing costs, improve the work place layout, provide better capacity and manpower planning, provide fair benefits and conditions to employees, improve the work flow, reduce handling cost of materials, provide a performance standard to measure the efficiency of the labour force, improve industrial and employee morale, provide a better basis for any incentive schemes and more job satisfaction for employees. ...read more.

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