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Explain the key features of legislation and regulations on health and safety and how they are applied to the working conditions in North West Regional College.

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Health and safety 1. Explain the key features of legislation and regulations on health and safety and how they are applied to the working conditions in NWRC (P1) North West Regional College is a leading provider of Further and Higher Education and skills training. The College's three main campuses in Derry, Limavady, and Strabane boast modern and industry-standard learning environments, at which over 20,000 students achieve their personal educational goals, through full and part-time study every year. Health and safety responsibilities derive from the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and associated regulations. Health and safety legislation is enforced by the Health and Safety Executive .The North West Regional College have duties to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable: � The health, safety and welfare of teachers and other education staff � The health and safety of pupils in-school and on off-site visits � The health and safety of visitors to schools, and volunteers involved in any school activity. The health and safety of staff, pupils and visitors whilst on the school premises, or involved in school-organised activities (e.g. educational visits), must be protected as far as is reasonably practicable. Risk assessments should be undertaken of all activities, and measures put in place to minimise or control risks. Head teachers, heads of department, staff, governors and LEAs all have roles to play. NWRC must have a health and safety policy and arrangements to implement it. The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 applies Employers must assess the risks of all activities, introduce measures to manage those risks, and tell their employees about the measures. ...read more.


Working with Students and members of the public Management must consider the security to the members of staff carrying out this role. They must have a written policy for dealing with difficult people and procedures for protecting staff from potential violence from people. It may be in the form of a secure counter with a screen or an intercome system. It does not matter what the work activity is but management of the NWRC must ensure that they have included within their health and safety policy that they have identified the procedures for dealing with such work activities and how they have communicated these procedures to the members of the particul staff. It is management's duty that they provide information, instruction, training and supervision to every member of staff and in some case students. 4. Explain and analyse the roles and responsibilities for health and safety of key personnel in NWRC. Assess if these roles allow NWRC to meet the requirements of health and safety legislation. (P3, M2) Although health and safety is everybody's responsibility within the NWRC such as staff and students there are specific roles and responsibilities designated to specific personnel within the college. Director The director of the college Seamus Murphy has overall responsibility and it is up to him to ensure that there are proper policies and procedures put in place to ensure that the NWRC is not in breach of statutory health and safety legislation. If the director does not have the competence to ensure that statutory health and safety legislation is not being breached then he must employ a competent person to undertake this role. ...read more.


Every year or so formally review where you are, to make sure you are still improving, or at least not sliding back. Make recommendations for raising health and safety standards and practices in the organ isation. To help improve the health and safety culture within the NWRC below is a list of some recommendations that could be utilised. Carryout a training need of key personnel within the college who could help promote and deliver change. Carryout a risk assessment of the different activities ad buildings within the responsibility of the NWRC example staff being students, teaching staff, administration staff, maintenance staff and security staff. Buildings being Northland Building, Strand Road Building, Limavady Campus, Strabane Campus and all the equipment used within the 12 academic schools. 6. Make appropriate and realistic recommendations for improving health and safety standards and practices in NWRC. The following is a list of what may help improve health and safety within the NWRC. � Train staff on policy and procedures. � Assess staffs understanding by checking on their competency, this may be done by interviewing and asking questions. � Keep an individual staff training record in their information file kept in Human Resources. � Ensure that all new staff completes induction training. � Set up at Health and Safety Committee within the college made up of different staff from different departments and work activities. � Carryout regular checks on working systems and have them discussed at the H&S Committee meetings. � Display a health and safety information board keeping staff updated of new procedures and legislation. � Ensure that all staff is aware of the annual review and its findings. � Encourage staff to report faults and hazardous activities witnessed or experienced. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rhys Feeney ...read more.

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