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I am going to identify how the two organisations I have chosen plan their recruitment using internal and external sources. The businesses that I have chosen are River Island and Hugh Baird College

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´╗┐Alisha Volos Unit 13 Recrutment and Selection P1&P2 Task 1 P1 & P2 Recruitment P1 identify how organisation plan recruitment using internal and external sources P2 Explain the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on recruitment and selection activities In this assignment I am going to identify how the two organisations I have chosen plan their recruitment using internal and external sources. The businesses that I have chosen are River Island and Hugh Baird College. There are two different recruitment sources in every business; internal and external. Below there are some advantages and disadvantages of them. Advantages Disadvantages External Recruitment New ideas maybe brought to the business from a new employee A longer process because the business has to check the employees full profile and past experience Larger amount of workers and easier to choose the best candidate because many of employees May cost more money due to advertising and interviews Wider range of experience The process of employing a new candidate may not reveal the best candidate Internal Recruitment Cheap and fast Limits the potential applicants Hardly any training is required/no training needed at all No new ideas from the outside Motivating for employees because there is hope for promotion May cause resentment between employees The manager already knows the strengths and weaknesses of own employees Creates a vacancy that will need to be filled There are numerous reasons why a business will have to employ or promote a candidate. ...read more.


External recruitment for River Island How River Island recruits externally; River Island recruit externally by using job websites and fliers. Why River Island recruits externally; River Island always believed that new employees bring in new style and ideas and this is why they prefer new faces. How the recruitment process starts and finishes Vacancy identified Write a job description Write a person specification Advertise the job Send the application forms Receive application forms Short list the application forms Interview applicants Select the best applicant Make the job offer There are different way to apply for a job, River Island give you an application form to fill in and that is so that it is more updated because a CV could have been last updated months before applying for a job. Another reason River Island used application forms because they can ask equations that are more personal to identify the type of worker the applicant is. Hugh Baird College uses application forms as well as River Island. Another way to apply for a job is using a CV which is simpler because takes less time for the applicant but it is not as updates as an application form maybe. When a business declines an employees application for a job the business has to give a specific reason for the rejection. It is illegal for River Island or Hugh Baird College or any other business to decline an applicant for anything apart from their skills because it is against the law. ...read more.


construction site and one of the workers are not wearing a helmet or steel toe cap boots the business would get shut down within minuets. The impact this has on Hugh Baird is it keeps them on their toes as they have to watch out for lots of people students and employees and the college has to look out for everybody whereas they need to be consentrating on other things. A business identifies a vacancy when somebody leaves for a reason such as sick leave or maternity, etc. or maybe a member of staff got promoted and that spot needs filling. A job description is a document which explains where you will be working how long for and what you will be doing and how much you will be getting paid A person specification is about what skills are needed and would be nice to have. This could be done through a job centre or the radio or the newspaper Different businesses have different ways of short listing their application forms but the smartest way is when the application forms are received someone will rip of the front page that has the candidates age, sex and date of birth on it and label each sheet with candidate 1, 2 and so on, and pass on to someone else who will just be able to read the skills and abilities and then short list the application forms. This is done so that a business does not break any laws which I will get to later. ...read more.

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