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I have been employed by Zinc finances to investigate into Scottish and Newcastle plc and produce a business report which will consider the objectives, organisational structure, culture and communication channels.

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INTRODUCTION Zinc finances are looking to invest money into a medium to large sized company that is doing well. I have been employed by Zinc finances to investigate into Scottish and Newcastle plc and produce a business report which will consider the objectives, organisational structure, culture and communication channels. Scottish and Newcastle plc is Britain's leading beer company and one of the worlds's leading and biggest brewers with breweries all over the world. It all started in 1749 when William younger brewery was established in Leith, Edinburgh. As the company expanded William younger II acquired the abbey brew house in 1803. In 1811 john barras died leaving the brewery to his son at this stage the company was estimated at �30,000, John Barras Jr later took over the Tyne brewery. William McEwan established his fountain brewery in the village of fountainbridge, Edinburgh; the business began in a very small way and set out to establish products both in the home market and overseas. By the century McEwan had nearly 90% of the beer trade in the North East of England, a flourishing trade in Scotland and a valuable export trade to Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and India. In 1890 Newcastle breweries was launched with its up-to-date brewing facilities at Tyne brewery. John Barras formed the backbone of Newcastle Breweries, which was formed together with Carr Bros & Carr, J.J. & W.H Allison and Swingburne & Co. Also in this year William Younger Company Limited became a plc and opened up new premises in the Canongate, Edinburgh. At this time the company's output accounted for 25% of the ale produced in Edinburgh. On the death of William McEwan the running of the brewery fell to his nephew, William Younger, who opened up their first plant for bottling chilled and carbonated beer. William Younger and William McEwan merged in 1931 to form Scottish Brewers ltd, McEwan Younger which handled military and export trade was also formed in this year. ...read more.


So quantity of waste is also a way in which success can be measured. City Limits also measure their success by looking at the numbers of customers and comparing them to the previous week. This allows to decide whether their marketing is effective or not and than enables them to take appropriate action. DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS AT CITY LIMITS City Limits has different departments that contribute to its successfulness. Its departments include the finance, marketing, human resources, production, and administration department. All the different departments integrate with each other in order to maximise sales. All departments know what each other is doing and how it is going to affect them. Targets are set for each operational department. The HR department at City Limits is responsible for recruiting new staff, training and it deals with industry matters that may arise at City Limits. It also is responsible for creating a good and safe working environment for its employees. In order to make sure that the staff it employs will work well and contribute to the success of the company, the HR department recruits staff between 18-30 who have special talent, want to learn and like to receive training. This means that these employees can be fully utilised to the benefit of City Limits. Staff will work hard and do challenging work, which in turn motivates them and motivates them to work harder. This also means that twice as much work is done and targets are met and sales increase. Due to of the actions of the HR at City Limits, staff are properly qualified to do the jobs that are allocated to them which means work is done properly and effectively. Because the HR department is very efficient overtime is only paid when vitally necessary - this helps to save money. The marketing department finds out what customers want at City Limits through carrying out research and tries to find way in which city limits can satisfy the needs of it customers. ...read more.


This department also works with others department to identify training needs for the employees and increases training opportunities for the employees thus training means that employees can do the job better and it also motivates them therefore ensuring quality is maintained. Well-motivated staff look after the customers, do what needs to be done according to the specification and make them laugh by doing this they add value to the service and customers are kept happy which increases sales and the reputation of city limits is maintained The operations department checks the products before they go to the customers for example, as a process of quality control at City Limits the head chef is required to check all food before it goes out of the kitchen to be served to the customers, by checking the food this guarantees a good brand and adds value to the product which keeps customers happy, this attracts customers to spend more money. The security department makes sure that the premises are safe; by making sure that security is good customers feel safe at all the time on site this also adds value. The operations department offers special deals to customers and the marketing departments advertises, special deals give customers variations, which enable them to spend more time out erg a day at City Limits blowing and them have lunch. This adds value to the products/ services. It costs a lot of money and time for City Limits to maintain the quality of the goods and services. However, it is worth it in the long term as the benefits outweigh the costs and the results are high levels of motivation and involvement in employees as they are all responsible for quality, leading to better quality standards, low levels of waste and generally higher productivity. Good quality leads to a good reputation, which attracts customers, this increases sales and profits. The marketing department does branding, develops products and make sure that promotion is up to date and effective. Candidate No 1541 " "from advanced business ...read more.

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