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In this report I will be evaluating how The Regent theatre'spolicies and procedures contribute to effective and efficient management of physical resources.

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´╗┐Sebastian Elias Hart Unit 20 The regent ________________ Introduction & purpose In this report I will be evaluating how The Regents policies and procedures contribute to effective and efficient management of physical resources. Also I will make recommendations to improve the physical resources of The Regent. This report will also discuss the reliability of my resources. The purpose of this evaluation is to demonstrate a key understanding in the key features of physical resources. M1 - Evaluate how a selected organisation?s policies and procedures contribute to effective and efficient management of physical resources. Background For something to be effective it must be successful in a specific outcome, whereas if something is efficient it must be functioning with minimum waste or leftover of recourses. The Regent is a theatre in Ipswich, Suffolk. It is owned by Ipswich Borough Council (IBC), the theatres auditorium was recently refurbished and can currently hold a maximum of 1, 551 people. The resource manager of The Regent is Julian. His job is to manage the physical resources of The Regent. A physical resource is a tangible resource that is available to a business; this could be ICT, materials, buildings, plant and machinery, supplies; such as toilet paper, light bulbs, etc. and services & energy. Light bulbs A fluorescent lamp converts electrical power into useful light more efficiently than an incandescent lamp. Ipswich Borough Council (IBC) is trying to be more energy efficient, and as The Regent is owned by IBC they are being forced to replace some of their incandescent (not-efficient) light bulbs with fluorescent ones. This is efficient as it is helping the regent save money, however it has resulted in there being three different types of light bulbs, as some of the LED & Incandescent lights can?t be converted, due having a different fitting size. This has resulted in The Regent not being able to benefit from economies of scale as much as they were before when they only had 2 types. ...read more.


out calmly, without people getting injured in the kerfuffle, consequently increasing the number of people who are likely to survive a dangerous incident such as a fire. Risk assessment The Regent always have to complete a risk assessments for every show that is on there. The purpose of this is to reduce the risks associated with a specific show, and aims to reduce these. A risk assessment may be done by the production company or the artists or bands representatives. However if this is not done the risk assessment has to be completed by The Regent, if the production company has completed one it will be included in the technical rider. The risk assessment is effective and efficient in helping the management of physical resources because it prevents serious accidents from occurring. If the risk assessment shows that the risks are too great, then the show will be cancelled. An example of this can be applied to the circus of horrors. They put on a show and they had a barrel of liquid accelerant on the left of the stage, and on the right they had someone doing tricks with an angle grinder. This was a fire risk as the sparks from the angle grinder could have gone into the barrel of liquid accelerant and caused a fire. Therefore the show was cancelled. The risk assessment also contributes to the successful and efficient management of physical resources as it reduces accidents such as a fire, would have been a significant cost to The Regent. License procedures The Regent has to have license holders on sight whenever the bar is open, and also when they play music. Music license holders. The regent as they have to have someone on site who is a music license holder. This is an additional cost if they have to have the staff on site for legal reasons, but do not actually need them to do any work. ...read more.


An average interval lasts for about 10 minuets, the public may need to go to the toilet, get a drink, and maybe some food. If they are wasting time queuing for the toilets they will be less concerned with spending money getting food and drink. This is bad for the success of the regent, The regent should have more toilets for the public and staff to use. This would result in them meeting legal standards, and also satisfying customers again, which is vital to the survival of the organisation as it is being run by the local council it is important that it is not run at the expense of the tax payer. The extra toilets could be placed in the outhouse, this would be a good solution to utilizing that space, as the regent have no real use for it, and also it is listed which meant that they can?t knock it down. S negative of this is that the public would have to travel outside to use them, however the regent could build a connecting bridge. Reliability There were limitations to this evaluation, first I made notes from the resources manager, and this means some information could have been lost in transmission, this brings me to my next point, and I have only visited the regent once, therefore any misinformation I was not able to clarify. Conclusion To conclude there are many improvements that need to be made for the regent, however these will be at a great expense to the organisation, this money would need to be sourced from Ipswich Borough Council, it is unlikely that IBC will provide all of the money to make these improvements in one go, this is because IBC have other services that they have to fund, however The Regent could complete the work in phases, spreading the cost. They could start with the small cost things, such as the Hemp and Pulley system and then progress onto the stage, which itself could also be split into different phases, as it is such a large project. ...read more.

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