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Interview Roleplaying. Evaluate your experience of planning and participating in the recruitment and selection process

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M2 (A) Analyse your own contribution to the selection process In task 2 of unit 13, I (and the rest of my group) was assigned to do a roleplaying activity. Where one side were interviewers and the other were interviewees. In this case, I was an interviewer with two other people from my group. We were first assigned to prepare questions for the applicants. As a group, we had to communicate with each other in order to create professional questions. During this process, I was to write down all the ideas given by my group and sometimes give my own suggestions. I believe this was done with great communication and no issues were present at this time. During the roleplaying, I believe me and my group performed rather well as managers. I carried out my role in a professional manner and asked additional questions. I also had good eye contact and often smiled. ...read more.


Each of us always had a say in a matter and we always ended up with an agreement. Hence, the reason why there were only "minor issues", such as short absences from some groups members etc. This experience has helped me gain an excessive amount of knowledge about preparation and team work. I've now become aware that communication and coordination helps a group of people carry out their jobs more effectively and efficiently. This thus makes it more accessible to achieve objectives. I have also realised that working in advanced makes future tasks easier to execute. I was glad to be a part of this activity as it has given me knowledge on how the interview process is carried out. D2 (B) Evaluate your experience of planning and participating in the recruitment and selection process Planning was also involved in the selection stage of the interview. After each interview ended I and the rest of my group scored the applicant on way s/he answered the questions etc. ...read more.


We managed to execute our tasks in a professional manner. The planning and selection stages were completed with ease. And the roleplaying stage was less difficult than we had expected, possibly due to the work we had done in advance. Though, there were many things that could have been improved. Timing is one of them. During most of the activities some group members came in 5-20 minutes late. Fortunately, these absences didn't discontinue any of our progress (however our practical activities could have ran more efficiently if everybody was on time). We should have set a time for group members to turn up; this may have prevented the absences that occurred. One thing we had forgotten when planning was our body language. During the roleplaying our body language could have been more professional in certain parts. Other than that and timing, there isn't much I would have done differently in this activity. Next time I would need to make sure that the faults mentioned above are covered in the planning stage. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tarik Williams Unit 13 M2 and D2 ...read more.

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