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Introduction into my first business Tesco.

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Introduction into my first business Tesco Company information The name of the company that I will research is Tesco. Tesco's main headquarters is based at: Tesco house, Tring Hertfordshire U.K www.tesco.co.uk Tesco's main headquarters may be based in Hertfordshire but Tesco's have hundreds of stores all around the United Kingdom. In the year of 1997 Tesco's had 586 stores around the country and had an annual profit of �760m. 2 years later Tesco's had increased its amount of stores around the country to 639 with that move came a greater profit as it rose to �919m. in 2001 Tesco's profit rose once more and so did its store's its annual profit for the year was �1,100m it store count was now up to 692. Tesco's offers many types of stores including Tesco Metro, a put-of-town store, Tesco express, this store has a petrol station combined with a retail site, and most recently Tesco's extra, this is a new concept and offers more verity to shopping, Tesco's extra offers a wider range of products all this is available over 100,000 square feet of retail space. It sells many things including groceries, all types of foods, cloths and household electrical accessories; Tesco's purpose is to provide top quality service through selling its products Newport has two stores, which can be found on Cardiff road and Newport Retail Park, spytty. Type of ownership The type of ownership my first company has is public limited company (PLC). This means that the company is of a large size and employs 1000's of employees, a likely reason behind this running of the company is that it offers the security of limited liability, due to the advantages of having shares on the stock exchange. Any one over the age of 18 can purchase shares on the stock exchange, these shares bring in greater capital to the business. The company is run and owned by its shareholders, the public. ...read more.


the company can raise at least �50,000. therefore the bank can see that the money will be spent wisely Disadvantages of owner ship Disadvantages of this type of this type of ownership is that it takes long time for decisions to be finalised Changes in Retail Change Effect on Tesco Methods of Payment Electronic tills can now allow you to pay with all kinds of cards including Club Card. Can also pay with vouchers. Location Shops are now situated in out-of-town retail parks or smaller shops are on high streets. Tesco has over 700 stores across the United Kingdom Size The stores are huge in the out-of-town retail parks but where the larger stores used to be in high streets there are small stores called Tesco Metro. The larger stores have loads of different functions, they don't just sell food, the out-of-town stores sell clothes and electrical products also, where as Tesco metro specialises in foods Type of Outlet There used to be one type of store where the assistant got the goods off the shelf and gave them to you. Nowadays they are self service stores will a large car-park area and lots of aisles selling lots of various goods known as supermarkets. Goods-Choice There is a good variety of products available to buy in Tesco stores including Tesco's own brand products. They sell microwave meals, foreign foods, fresh foods, frozen foods and much more. Services-Variety Tesco is now a self service store where the customer will walk around the aisles, pick up the goods they want and pay for them at the checkout. Change Effect on Petrol Stations Methods of Payment Today people can pay by card, cheque or cash. Also in many petrol stations you can either pay at the checkout using one of the methods above, or pay at the pump using a credit/debit card or using a points card provided by the petrol station. ...read more.


Computers controls ordering from the supplers throw to distribution and store design. With out this technology expanding their stores Computer aided design (CAD) is used to plan both the stores and how they fit in to their environment and also inside the store, so no space is wasted and products are so placed in the right position. This then should make the customers shopping experience easier and less stressful as all of one type of product is in the same area. This is one of the technology advances, which helps the customer but is not seen. Though there are advances, which we all see, and they help us to hurry up the shopping. Things like monitors, tills, barcodes and scanners these also help fed back to the head office computer were new stock can be ordered, take over checked and the store performance in general can be regulated. Communication. Tesco's have now used this improvement in communication by computers to allow people to shop from home at any time on their computers Using "Tesco online." They simply connect to the Internet and then send over the order and also the time at which it is to be delivered. This type of shopping is also becoming available throw television the first example of this is sky digital. Tesco has also created a free Internet package, were the connection to the Internet is free and you just pay for the local phone call. The connection is also used to advertise the company. It is also essential to the club card system as with out the system of computers it would not even be feasible to run it manually. As the detail that has spent that day and the information on this is record on the computer based check out system then the details are transferred over night to the main frame computers at the head office where it is processed and worked out hen the necessary information is added to the customers account. It's a changing world and with out computers all of this would not be even dreamt of. Thomas Davy 12cp 1 ...read more.

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