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Le Carolo Business

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Le Carolo and Go Gourmet The three activities at le Carolo are the sandwich shop (go gourmet), the outside catering Le Carolo and the French cuisine shop all run by Stephan Lablaine. Le Carolo first started up as just a French cuisine shop in 2000 and then expanded into an outside catering business as well. In 2006 the sandwich shop, go gourmet was added to the business. The go gourmet sandwich shop is only 100 metres down the road from the French cuisine/catering business. Le Carolo uses the best imported products France such as wine, cheeses, frog's leg and snails etc. The target market is or older 40+ business people who have a more disposable income who can afford these luxury cuisine. Also Le Carolo makes the most of profit from the outside catering. Most of the catering is done for local businesses, weddings, parties, birthdays and even the Lambert memorial community hospital in Thirsk. ...read more.


The menus change though seasonally- spring, summer and winter so there is focus on selling particular products during those seasons. Go Gourmet is run by Stephan who is a sole trader which means he keeps all the profit but has unlimited liability so if the business goes bust personal possessions can be taken away. Also this means he has to carry the reputation and success of the business. He is unsure of long term success so is selling up in 5 years. The ownership may have to change though as Stephan could perhaps franchise the business or buy more business in Thirsk. He would have to change it perhaps so he could afford to buy new properties (as there would be others apart from him) and if he does it would be a good idea to have limited liability. This is because if the business's fail his personal possessions will not be taken away like his house or car etc. ...read more.


We do not know though whether he is spending more time with his family and if his will business will sell. The future plans for the business are to sell up In 5 years but up until then to improve the business, not buy anymore businesses or franchise it. To improve the business mini surveys are handed out to customers of the catering business every 3 months or so he can look through and improve areas that customers feel that they need improving. Le Carolo is situated in Thirsk, 11 Kirk gate and go gourmet is situated is situated 100 metres down the road but 1 is situated in a fantastic place and the other is situated in a not so fantastic place. Go gourmet is on the high street of Thirsk but the other is situated down a back alley. ?? ?? ?? ?? Le Carolo small business courswork Elliot Stearn 10LFO4 ...read more.

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