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Recruitment - A job description is a detailed statement about the nature of the job and the overall purpose of the job.

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Job description A job description is a detailed statement about the nature of the job and the overall purpose of the job. The job description should identify the tasks and responsibilities that are involved in that job. This document is likely to form part of an employee's contract of employment. Job descriptions are based on objective information often found through undertaking job analysis. It gives an understanding of the skills required to accomplish needed tasks, and the needs of the organization to produce work. It can also be used for reviewing how an existing employee is doing. Benefits of job description The benefits of a job description are that it clearly defines what is expected as an employer. As an employee, a well-written job description can help you be prepared and informed of what is expected of you. If done correctly, it can be a useful tool to aid in the communication between management and employees by especially when being used to appraise performance. If an employee does not perform effectively a job description may also be used to support disciplinary procedures and possible dismissal. Job description features Job description shows the position title as the first thing. It is then followed by the name of the person responsible for overseeing that position and the job location; it also includes the pay scale range. ...read more.


For example as long as all essential items are fulfilled then the candidates who fill most of the 'desirable' might be the only ones to be invited for the first interview. On the other hand if there are very few applicants and none of them fulfill all the essential items then the selector may decide to compromise and decide which are most important or start all over again. Application Documents The purpose of application forms is to gather information about the candidate that will give definite clues about personal attributes. Organisations will compare what is on the application form and the most promoting applications will be short listed. It can be done online or paper based. The main advantage for a business using its own tailored application form is that it only receives the information that it needs to know to help it choose the right candidate for the job and if every potential candidate completes the standard application form the company can compare. Curriculum vitiate (CV) This is written and prepared by job seekers. It will show prospective employers with the job seekers details including: > Personal details > Qualifications > Interests > Education and qualifications > Work experience > Ambitions It can also include any other information that may persuade the employer to give them the job or consider giving them an interview. ...read more.


Employers write application pack informing candidates as what is going to happen within the selection process. This can make it easier for them to understand and know their tasks ahead. The application pack shows typical days within the organization that they need to participate in any tasks or test they need to complete at interviews. Application Forms Applications forms are pre-written by the organization. They are distributed to any applicants who applying for the job. This is a useful method because all of the applicants have to answer the same questions. This makes it easier when putting applicants into a short list because there may be a few questions which tell the employer most about a potential applicant and they can compare the skills needed to the skills that they have. Internet Applications The internet can be used to attract new recruits. They are very similar to applicant forms but they are completed over the internet and sent via the organizations website. Selection criteria Selection criteria are the standards that the panel consider when assessing the candidates. The criterion is divided into two sections essential and desirable. Essential criteria are necessary to undertake the tasks that they need to carry out if they take the job. Desirable criteria A grid is often used as it's the easiest way to compare the candidates. When a candidate is chosen or dismissed the reasons why need to be stated so that discrimination cannot ?? ?? ?? ?? Amy Loring 3062 Page 1 of 4 ...read more.

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