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Recruitment. Businesses like Asda recruit staff for a variety of reasons.

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Recruitment APPENDICE 1 Businesses like Asda recruit staff for a variety of reasons. The recruitment process can be costly in terms of resources devoted to the process and costs associated with recruiting poor-performing staff. Therefore, it is important to select people accurately for interview. Asda needs to be very clear about the requirements of the job and about the kind of person they are looking for. The ways in which they carry out these tasks are: > Preparing job descriptions and person specifications > Carefully planning how and when to advertise > Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of job applications, curriculum vitae and letters of application > Shortlisting candidates. The following legislations are the key implications for recruitment and are the legal and ethical responsibilities relating to equal opportunities: > Equal Pay Act 1970 > Sex Discrimination Act 1975 > Race Relations Act 1976 > Disability Discrimination Act 1995. If Asda is to remain competitive, it needs to understand the importance of recruiting and maintaining a flexible workforce. The different bases for recruiting people for a flexible workforce are: > Different modes of employment > Different terms and conditions > Core employees > Part-time, temporary and contract labour. Getting the recruitment process right The recruitment process can be very costly. It takes a great deal of time to set up an effective recruitment process- involving deciding on what the jobs that are to be recruited for will entail, advertising, sifting through applications, checking which applications best meet the criteria set down for the post, interview candidates and, finally, selecting the best candidate for the post. There is considerable scope along the way, for waste and inefficiency. For example, when a job advertisement attracts 100 applicants there is an opportunity for waste when you reduce the original 100 down to six candidates. ...read more.


However, in Asda, seeing as it is a large business, it is not possible for each employee to deal directly with management. Therefore, the employees usually elect a body, such as staff association or works council, to represent them. In Asda it is often the trade union which negotiates with the employer to improve working conditions and wages, on behalf of the employee. So the trade union has to be active in approaching the employer and if they are not , the employee could be dissatisfied. These are the larger conflicts that can occur: Interpersonal relation (Worker/Worker0 > Bullying- a worker might be bullied by another worker working on the same level due to the fact that they have a better job to do than them. > Discrimination- there might be racism, ageism or sexism amongst workers. > Demarcation- this is when there is confusion and clashes over job roles and responsibilities leaving workers clueless of their job roles. For example: Demarcation Disputes Conflict areas/points due to poor 'job design' This can be used as a deliberate control mechanism based on the principal of 'divide and rule'. So, for example, if the workers are arguing over what job/role belongs to them, the manager can come in like a hero and sort everything out, thus making him/her a worthy manager. Company- Personnel Relations When there is a conflict between Asda and its employees: > Victimisation- a worker might feel they are being neglected by the company for example they are not being paid according to their contract or they are always being picked on when something goes wrong within the company and it wasn't even their fault! > Constructive Dismissal > Hours of work- this needs to be looked at carefully because some people might always be given shifts that they can't work according to. ...read more.


A third key change in people management was that HRM was given a great deal more status in Asda. Instead of being something carried on at lower levels of the business, HRM is now recognised as a key 'strategic' area of the business (i.e. one that needs to be given priority in organisational planning involving senior managers). Asda has now moved away from 'personnel management' to the new 'human resource management'. The characteristics of HRM are as follows: > A reduction in hierarchy and the blurring of distinction between management and non-management. > Responsibility for people-management is devolved to line managers. > Management and non-management are committed to common goals, and have an interest in the success of Asda. > Line managers are responsible for the appraisal of staff development, personnel professionals may support through appraisal training for staff and staff managers. > The increased emphasis on teams in Asda means that more people are involved in identifying goals and should therefore be more committed to them. Overall, HRM plays a vital part in Asda and many other businesses alike. If it recruits the right people with the skills and experience needed for the job, the business will run smoothly but if it doesn't then they will need to recruit some other people costing a lot of money for advertising, training, etc costing the business a high labour turnover rate. If it is to strive in the market place, not only does it need to meet the needs of the customers, but also of employees. If staff are motivated and incredibly fluent in their line of work, they would produce a quality service and production meaning that more people would want to shop at Asda. Unit 4- Human Resources Business Naila Kauser 12CJTM 56 ...read more.

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