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Retail case studies - Asda and Cricket fashion

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Retailing Task 5: ASDA and Cricket ASDAS Responsive to consumer needs: ASDA have to respond to customer need so that they don't lose sales. If ASDA respond to customer needs well then they will make a good profit. When ASDA respond to customers they listen to what they have to say. When ASDA respond to customers quickly it will generate loyalty. ASDA have to respond to customer needs so that they maintain their global status and market position. If ASDA don't respond to customer needs then customer will go somewhere else. A disadvantage for responding to customer needs is that ASDA will have to adapt to insure that there are no language barriers. Crickets-Responsive to consumer needs: Cricket will have to supply customers with the designer brands that respond to customers' needs. If cricket respond to customer needs then they will make good sales and make a good profit. If cricket don't respond to customer needs then customers will go somewhere else. A disadvantage for cricket is that the products that they sell aren't their own brands; they are designer labels so they don't know what stock their getting in. ...read more.


An advantage for cricket is that only they and a few other stores will have their products so it's less competition. ASDAS The use of international or domestic supplier: The use of intervention and domestic suppliers are that it gives ASDA buying power. Also it will be a lot cheaper for ASDA. This is also giving ASDA choice and competition and because ASDA buy large quantities of products everybody wants their custom. Although ASDA looks like it's getting a good deal, they're not in the quality of the products. ASDA get a good deal on the quantity of products that they buy. This is because different countries have different satisfactory quality ratings for their products so they can get people to work for cheap and sell the products. Crickets the use of international or domestic supplier: The use of international or domestic suppliers would be good for cricket because they will be able to get products that other people won't be able to get. This is giving cricket choice on what products that they want to supply for their customers. ...read more.


Cricket will also send a stylist so that they can choose what items they want to sell each month. An advantage for cricket would be that they have more contacts and they will have established relationships with other designers. A disadvantage will be that their not employed by Cricket so they could get Cricket a good deal on one product but not on another. ASDAS The shipping arrangements involved: The main transportation system that ASDA use is shipping; this is on most of their products. This is because it is cheap and ASDA buy a lot of products. But certain products like fish and fruit will need flying in by ASDA because there is a high demand for this and these products need to be fresh. When ASDA tell suppliers what stock they need they will be careful so that orders are placed correctly, this is because shipping can take weeks to get in to the country. Crickets The shipping arrangements involved: The main transport system that Cricket use will be shipping, because this is cheaper. But on some of their products they will fly in because they are a designer shop they will want to the latest fashion in their store first. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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