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Staff involvement and its effective implementation are essential for business success. Discuss.

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Business Essay Staff involvement and its effective implementation are essential for business success. Discuss. Staff involvement is a major influence on business success. Staff involvement can be defined as the decision-making process of the employees and in-turn, giving them the necessary skills and results. To optimise business success, it is essential to recruit appropriate employees and select those who look to have potential. Businesses must ensure that they provide employees with necessary expertise as well as recognising the importance of; staff innovation, motivation, mentoring and training. Staff involvement is necessary for business success as employees hold authority in their decision-making and therefore hold responsibility. Employees will gain confidence in their ability to perform tasks and this will impact on the businesses overall performance. ...read more.


Good intrapreneurs are highly creative and are nonconformist, in order for the business not to limit their ideas through rules/regulations. Staff must be innovative to enhance their products and keep their consumers happy which maintains a competitive advantage in the market. Businesses must consider each innovation seriously and must not discourage employees, as this can lead to employee dissatisfaction, therefore reducing their productivity. Innovators must be unrestricted by management and must be rewarded for innovations that become profitable. Staff innovation leads to the enhancement of products and in-turn, success of the business. Motivation within staff is a key aspect of a business's function. It refers to the individual, internal process that directs, energises and sustains a person's behaviour. Motivation is what drives an employee to work productively towards a goal. ...read more.


Mentors help new employees adapt to their new working environment and enhance their skills, which provides a positive outcome for the business. Employee training refers to the process of teaching staff how to perform their job more efficiently and effectively by boosting their knowledge and skill. They are taught specific skills in accordance with their role in the business and to adapt to new technology. Employees need constant training to enhance their skill and knowledge in order to adapt to changes in the workplace. Training can be performed in two methods; informal on-the-job-training, being the most common and formal off-the-job training, consisting of lectures and classrooms. Businesses should perceive training as an investment in human capital, rather than an expense. Business success relies on staff involvement through the four strategies. A businesses primary asset are the employees and without their involvement, putting their skill and training to use, the business would fail. Steven Saba ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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