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The aim of this report is to explore the organizational structure and culture and examine the different approaches to management, leadership and theories of Samsung Co, Ltd limited liability company.

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BANKING ACADEMY, HANOI BTEC HND IN BUSINESS (FINANCE) ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET NAME OF STUDENT Phạm Minh Hoàng- Peter REGISTRATION NO. F03-065/ F03C UNIT TITLE Organisations and Behaviour ASSIGNMENT TITLE Individual Assignment 1 ASSIGNMENT NO 1 of 2 NAME OF ASSESSOR Vincent Ng SUBMISSION DEADLINE 24 November 2010 ________________ ________________ ________________ I, __________________________ hereby confirm that this assignment is my own work and not copied or plagiarized from any source. I have referenced the sources from which information is obtained by me for this assignment. ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________________________ _________________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ Signature Date ________________ ________________ ________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FOR OFFICIAL USE Assignment Received By: Date: Unit Outcomes Outcome Evidence for the criteria Feedback Assessor’s decision Internal Verification Explore organisational structure and culture (1) Compare and contrast different organizational structures and cultures stakeholders a Analyse the relationship between an organization’s structure and culture and the effects on business performance b Analyse the factors which influence individual behaviour at work c Merit grades awarded M1 M2 M3 Distinction grades awarded D1 D2 D3 Comments by Assessor - Common Skills A B C D E F G Assignment ( ) Well-structured; Reference is done properly / should be done (if any) Overall, you’ve Areas for improvement: ASSESSOR SIGNATURE DATE / / NAME: (Oral feedback was also provided) STUDENT SIGNATURE DATE / / NAME : FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY VERIFIED YES NO DATE : VERIFIED BY : NAME : COMMON SKILLS & COMPETENCIES ASSESSED (indicated by X) A. MANAGING & DEVELOPING SELF D. MANAGING TASKS & SOLVING PROBLEMS 1. Managing own roles & responsibilities X 12. Use information sources X 2. Manage own time in achieving objectives X 13. Deal with a combination of routine & non-routine tasks 3. Undertakes personal and career development 14. Identify & solve routine & non-routine problems 4. Transfer skills gained to new/changing situations & contexts B. WORKING WITH & RELATING TO OTHERS E. APPLYING NUMERACY 5. Treat others beliefs and opinions with respect 15. ...read more.


Each branch administer one field and contribute profits, achievements for the head of Samsung company. The impact of divisional structures in Samsung performance: Divisional structures is the better communication and decision. Departmental Coordination : An objective accountability leads to better cohesion within the boundaries of the department .Clear Accountability: Structuring along the product lines provides clear correlation between the expense and profit of the individual divisions. The business objectives of the division can be formulated more objectively and the expectations can be better agreed. It makes Samsung become more steady and easier to control. Organization Culture There are plenty of ways to definite ?culture?, and there are more than that to understand organization culture. ? Culture in an organisation is found in the formalisation of its structure, how decisions are taken, the degree to which authority and responsibility are delegated, and the degree to which initiative is allowed. At first we find out the different between national culture and organizational culture . General we understand :Culture is the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group. Two factor influence in culture are: development of culture and aspects of culture. 1.Development of culture The development of culture depend on : 1. Economic conditions In prosperous times organizations will either be complacent or adventurous, full of new ideas and initiatives. In recession they may be depressed, or challenged. 1. The nature of the business and its tasks The types of technology used in different forms of business create the pace and priorities associated with different forms of works. 1. Leadership style The approach used in exercising authority will determine the extent to which subordinates feel alienated and uninterested or involved and important. 1. Policies and practices The level of trust and understanding which exists between members of an organization can often be seen in the way policies and objectives are achieved 1. ...read more.


Aptitude reflects the process of development of a person. From the beginning, aptitude appears because the needs of our life. Daily life make us always study to exist. Human need a process to develop my self, add many skills to eat, to wear, prevention of disease, ?At the higher level we need to improve other skills to satisfied other hobbies . Therefore, ability and aptitude influent a lot in individual behaviour at work. For example : inteligence people often less hard-working than other people. In the other way, they have ability to solve problems faster than others. Conclusion After this research,we find out a lot of information about Samsung company, organizational structure and culture of it. Beside that we have a base for study of Organizations and Behaviour. I recognised our ability or personality and its impact for individual behaviour at work. It is making decisions for my future job. Reference Affiliated companies of Samsung http://www.samsung.com/us/aboutsamsung/corporateprofile/affiliatedcompanies.html Other data Samsung system www.samsung.com Organizations and Behaviour course book . First edition 2004 Leaturer Mr Vincent slides : Organizations and Behaviour lecture 1,2,8,9. Values and philosogy of Samsung http://www.samsung.com/us/aboutsamsung/corporateprofile/valuesphilosophy.html Samsung Vina http://www.samsung.com/vn/aboutsamsung/companyprofile/SAMSUNGVINA/CompanyProfile_SAMSUNGVINA.html# Yoon-Woo Lee Vice chairman & COO of Samsung Co,Ltd Gee- Sung Choi President & CEO of Samsung electronic Co,Ltd Ju-Hwa Yoon President & Financial manager of Samsung manager office Dong- Min Yoon -Member of Samsung?s board of director -Independent director Alberto Lapidari HR Manager at Samsung Electronics Chae-Woong Lee Manager of auditing and related party transactions committee Oh-Soo Park -Member of Samsung?s board of director - Manager of recommendation committee In-Ho Lee -Member of Samsung?s board of director -Manager of Audit Committee and the Internal Transaction Committee Samsung Co, Ltd Samsung Electronics Industries Samsung Machinery & Heavy Industries Samsung Financial Service Samsung Chemical Industries Samsung Other Affiliated Company Samsung Electro-Mechanics Samsung Networks Samsung Mobile Display Samsung Digital Imaging Etc? Samsung Heavy Industries Samsung Life Insurance Samsung Card Samsung Securities Samsung Investment Trust Management Etc? Samsung Total Petrochemicals Samsung Petrochemicals Samsung Fine Chemicals Samsung BP Chemicals Samsung C&T Corporation Samsung Foundation of Culture Samsung Medical Center Samsung Economics Research Institute Etc? ...read more.

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