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The company that I am doing my research on is Adams is a children's clothes store.

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Unit1: Business At Work The company that I am doing my research on is Adams is a children's clothes store. It objectives are to offer its customers with top of the range clothes and also to ensure the customer is satisfied by the way the employee approaches them and with the service offered. Adams other main objective is to make a profit so then that Adams will be able to put some of that money back into the business i.e. giving its staff a bonus at Christmas time or giving their staff a permanent pay rise they also could redo that store to keep it up with modern trends. Adams is one of the leading manufactures across the world with about 400 stores worldwide with 4,000 employees, which gives an annual turnover of �200 million What are the objectives of Adams Providing a product. Adams gives its customers a product when they come to purchase their goods but when selling it is a service, which in its self is important to make the customers come back and for their products to have a high quality. Making a profit. Every business will want to make a profit in some way from a small sole trader to a large PLC such as Adams if Adams does not make a high enough profit shareholders might decide to stop investing in Adams which could mean that they will stop investing and Adams can run into financial difficulties Increasing sales or Market share. Adams will want to keep on expanding their market share seeing as they will like to have less competitors than to have more sells because they will have more market share then any other rival. Providing services to the community. The service that Adams produces to the community is by selling its clothes to its customers at a reasonable price. Surviving. Adams main priority is to survive seeing as if it does not survive in some stores it could mean that it would have to ...read more.


In a person culture an individual may leave the group but the organisation cannot sack the person also their person has a lot of freedom to adapt to how he or she wants. Backward- facing forward looking Another distinction that is frequently made is between backward facing cultures, which are based on what has gone before in an organisation and forward looking cultures, which enable rapid change into the future. One important aspect of organisational culture is the emphasis on tradition. Some organisations are heavily influenced by previous practice, legends and ways of doing things. Other organisations are innovative and entrepreneurial, with little respect for previous patterns or methods. For example Anita Roddick has started that being prepared to run in the opposite direction to convention and to be prepared to break the rules is part of the culture. A company with backward facings likely to be * Procedure led * Controlled by traditional managers who have been in the organisation for long time * Conservative in attitude * Resistant to change * Inward looking * A risk avoider Role culture is the type of culture that Adams uses seeing as when it employees its workers are hired their job is explained to them already in their job description so that when they go into work they can get on with it straight away instead of having to keeping asking the manager what they have to do for the day. This sort of culture is good seeing as then everybody will know what is involved in their job before they start which will mean that everybody gets treated the same and as equals. It also helps so that employees are not doing the same work and is able to get the most out of their workers. The culture does help the actual structure seeing as everybody knows what they are doing and because the job description was sent from somebody in a higher role, which will make the culture and structure compliant each other ...read more.


Therefore Adams will need to spend huge amounts of money on research and development by making the clothes able to go through these procedures and coming out at top levels able to sell to the consumers. Adams guarantees quality assurance for its products by having labels and tags on each set of clothing informing the customer at what levels the clothes should be washed at. For shoes you can offer the customer certain shoe polishes that will help to ensure the shoes stay newer for longer instead of being worn out and the customer to come back and buy a new set of shoes. So by selling this customer will think the shoes will be able to last longer and improve the quality of that particular product. Advantages Longer lasting product Customer satisfaction More customers More profits Disadvantages Hard to convince the customer Might have complaints about quality Effects it has on functions of the business and how it achieves its objectives This will help Adams achieve its objectives because by selling extras it helps to boost and maximise sells, which is the main objective of any organisation. It will also mean that Adams have helped to achieve the customers objective and that in turn has achieved their objective of guaranteeing customer satisfaction which will result in the customer coming back. By tagging clothes it will help the production department who process the products because they can just check the labels to make sure that everything is correct like the materials, temperature to be washed at, whether it is safe to use with the tumble drier. It will also help the customer so when they buy the product they can simple just check the tag to see how to wash the product. This will also help the marketing department seeing as they will need some sort of facts to base their promotion on and this will be ideal specially for mother who have other young children and don't have much time to go out. 1 ...read more.

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