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Application of the CIPP model

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Running Head: APPLICATION OF THE CIPP MODEL Application of the CIPP model [Name of the writer] [Name of the institution] Application of the CIPP model ?ne very u?eful ?ppr??ch t? educ?ti?n?l ev?lu?ti?n i? kn?wn ?? the CIPP, ?r C?ntext, Input, Pr?ce??, Pr?duct ?ppr??ch, devel?ped by ?tufflebe?m (1983). Thi? pr?vide? ? ?y?tem?tic w?y ?f l??king ?t m?ny different ??pect? ?f the curriculum ? guide f?r le?rning which integr?te? the phil???phy ?nd ?rient?ti?n ?f ? tr?iningpr?gr?mme, expected le?rning ?utc?me?, key c?ntent, meth?d?l?gy ?nd ev?lu?ti?n f?r the te?ching ?nd le?rning pr?ce??. devel?pment pr?ce??. There i? ? ri?k, h?wever, th?t it m?y be directed ?nly by 'expert?' ?r '?ut?ider?', ?nd f?r thi? re???n it i? vit?l t? identify w?y? in which v?ri?u? ?t?keh?lder? c?n be me?ningfully inv?lved. Figure 1 p?rtr?y? the b??ic element? ?f the CIPP M?del in three c?ncentric circle?. The inner circle repre?ent? the c?re v?lue? th?t pr?vide the f?und?ti?n f?r ?ne'? ev?lu?ti?n?. ...read more.


?nd identify need? f?r ?chieving better re?ult?. Figure 1: Key C?mp?nent? ?f the CIPP Ev?lu?ti?n M?del ?nd ????ci?ted Rel?ti?n?hip? with Pr?gr?m? The?e recipr?c?l rel?ti?n?hip? ?re m?de functi?n?l by gr?unding ev?lu?ti?n? in c?re v?lue?, ?? den?ted by the ?cheme'? inner circle. The r??t term in ev?lu?ti?n i? v?lue. Thi? term refer? t? ?ny ?f ? r?nge ?f ide?l? held by ? ??ciety, gr?up, ?r individu?l. Ex?mple v?lue? - ?pplied in ev?lu?ti?n? ?f U.?. public ?ch??l pr?gr?m? - ?re ?tudent?' meeting ?f ?t?te-defined ?c?demic ?t?nd?rd?, equ?lity ?f ?pp?rtunity, hum?n right?, technic?l excellence, efficient u?e ?f re??urce?, ??fety ?f pr?duct? ?nd pr?cedure?, ?nd inn?v?tive pr?gre??. E??enti?lly, ev?lu?t?r? ???e?? the ?ervice? ?f ?n in?tituti?n, pr?gr?m, ?r per??n ?g?in?t ? pertinent ?et ?f ??ciet?l, in?tituti?n?l, pr?gr?m, ?nd pr?fe??i?n?l! technic?l v?lue?. The v?lue? pr?vide the f?und?ti?n f?r deriving the p?rticul?r ev?lu?tive criteri?. ...read more.


?upply inf?rm?ti?n f?r ?cc?unt?bility - the ?umm?tive r?le. B??ed ?n thi? ?cheme, the ev?lu?t?r w?uld de?ign ?nd c?nduct ?n ev?lu?ti?n t? help the re?p?n?ible te?cher?, princip?l?, ?r ?ther ?ervice pr?vider? pl?n ?nd c?rry ?ut ? pr?gr?m, pr?ject, ?r ?ervice. They w?uld ?l?? ?rg?nize ?nd ?t?re pertinent inf?rm?ti?n fr?m the f?rm?tive ev?lu?ti?n f?r l?ter u?e in c?mpiling ?n ?cc?unt?bility/?umm?tive ev?lu?ti?n rep?rt. While impr?vement/f?rm?tive-?riented inf?rm?ti?n might n?t ?n?wer ?ll the que?ti?n? ?f ?cc?unt?bility/?umm?tive ev?lu?ti?n, it w?uld help ?n?wer m?ny ?f them. In f?ct, extern?l ev?lu?t?r? wh? ?rrive ?t ? pr?gr?m'? end ?ften c?nn?t pr?duce ?n inf?rm?tive ?cc?unt?bility/?umm?tive ev?lu?ti?n if the pr?ject h?? n? ev?lu?tive rec?rd fr?m the devel?pment?l peri?d. ? full implement?ti?n ?f the CIPP ?ppr??ch include? d?cument?ti?n ?f the g?thered f?rm?tive ev?lu?ti?n evidence ?nd h?w the ?ervice pr?vider? u?ed it f?r impr?vement. Thi? rec?rd help? the extern?l ?umm?tive ev?lu?t?r ?ddre?? the f?ll?wing que?ti?n?: 1. Wh?t ?tudent ?r ?ther benefici?ry need? were t?rgeted, h?w perv??ive ?nd imp?rt?nt were they, h?w v?ried were they, h?w v?lidly were they ???e??ed, Table 1. ...read more.

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