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Comparing Operating Systems

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OPERATING SYSTEMS Operating systems are the programmes that create environment which enable the various programmes to run on a computer. That is why they are also referred to as platforms. The programmes that run on these platforms can range from simple office automation softwares that enable us to do wordprocessing to games and also device drivers. All major companies make their software for multiple platforms. By platform we mean the base environment that enables the communication between the onboard devices like the hard-disk, memory, various ports (input/output) and the functions it will carry out using other programmes that will run in that environment. For example if we look at Microsoft which makes the MS Office software that is used by most personal computers. They make MS Office for not only their own operating system namely Windows but also for MAC and also for UNIX / LINUX. The function of the Operating system is to provide an environment and background on which the other applications will run. This involves the use of Hardware like the display card, network card, sound card, printers, scanners, other input and output devices. ...read more.


The MAC operating system was developed solely for use in the Apple computers and it was programmed for specific hardware that was on the Apple PCs. Unlike Windows that was developed independent of the hardware, MAC on the other hand remained dependent on the hardware and the various versions that came were designed so as to get the maximum output from the same hardware rather than for other new hardware. This was the reason that AppleMac as it was commonly called failed to capture the global market since people could not afford to buy the hardware and also the level of support was lacking beyond the borders of USA. It did try to market the concept that you need to buy the hardware only once and then just keep upgrading the software but by this time it was too late. Far East especially Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China took on the opportunity and started developing motherboards for PCs for which Microsoft was willing to supply the necessary Operating System. MAC has produced various versions so far and presently we are using MAC OS x10.5 also nicknamed "Leopard" just like its previous versions which were also named after the big cats. ...read more.


Sun computers use LINUX as their main operating system. When we run LINUX on a normal PC it is called referred to as a LINUX COMPARISON AT A GLANCE Windows MAC UNIX / LINUX * Popular around the world * Support is available even in remote areas * Uses the same protocol that is used to communicate with the internet. * Is very prone to hackers and viruses thus the creators have to constantly develop patches to overcome the threats. * Has more variety of programmes available as compared to other operating systems * Is only popular in the America * Has limited support around the world. * Is more secure than Windows in that it is not prone to hackers and viruses. * Uses the protocol AppleTalk to communicate with other Apple computers but needs the TCP/IP to communicate with the internet. * It is freeware so anyone can use it free of cost. * It is an open source system allowing one to customise it to ones own needs and requirements without fear of any legal liability. * It uses the TCP/IP protocol to communicate thus is compliant with the internet. * Most internet servers still use UNIX as their main operating system ...read more.

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