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Computer systems assignment 1

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Task 1 Computer components To build a PC you must buy all of the required components otherwise the computer will not work properly or not work at all. Here is a list of all required computer components to make it work: * Motherboard- motherboard is a main component in a computer. It is a printed circuit board and it connects the CPU, RAM, and the cards which generate sound and graphics so they can communicate between each other to make a working computer system. There are many types of motherboards, those ones made more recently than others are ATX motherboards. An ATX motherboards contain the normal I/O (input-output) connectors such as USB, serial ports, PS/2. without mother board there is no way the components will work together. * Case- basically a case holds together all of the components so they don't fall apart. The type of case depends on what motherboard is used for the computer. Nowadays it is ATX so the cases for these motherboards are ATX cases. * CPU- Central Processing Unit is so called a brain of a computer. The CPU performs processes and runs programs on your computer. It is needed for any action that is done on a computer. The faster the CPU the faster it will do what is required. A processor is made up of cores. The more cores it has the better it is. Nowadays most CPUs have 2 cores and some even 4. That gives a lot of power and speed when executing instructions. * RAM- Random Access Memory is used to temporarily store data which will be lost when a computer is switched off. Ram stores some of operating system data and application data while it is being ran. RAM is essential in computer performance. The more memory there is the more applications can be ran on the computer at the same time. ...read more.


I also have to look if any components are damaged or looking dodgy replacing them if true. The outside of the case should be cleaned as well, because if dust starts to build up it can access the inside and damage the components. Take a moist cloth and wipe the surface of the case carefully till it's clean. Be careful as some cases have few fans, do not wipe the area close to the fans as the dust could easily get wiped inside by accident Selecting upgrades for a computer system There are many components for computer out there. Choosing the best ones will have a major influence on computer's performance. First important upgrade could be a faster processor which is responsible for the processes running on the computer, how fast they work and how many of them can be ran at the same time. The faster the computer the faster the processes and the operating system as a whole. More RAM memory is a good choice as well when upgrading a computer. It is needed to run the applications and games. Similar to the processor the performance of the programs partially depends on RAM memory and how fast it runs. Graphics card is a very important upgrade as well. The quality of the images displayed on a screen depends on graphics card. The better the graphics card the prettier and smoother the image displayed. It is very important when playing games as it's allows to play new games showing the best quality textures and images. A Soundcard is an important upgrade as well. Soundcard is responsible for generating the sound. The better it is the better and deeper quality of sound. It is important when playing games, music or in a studio producing music. A bigger Hard Drive is needed to store more data on a computer as well as the bigger the hard drive the faster data transfer. ...read more.


Central installation allows me to install the antivirus onto the file server and then onto particular computer systems. I choose the local installation to install it on my computer and click next. In the next window I can choose the options antivirus can perform from the beginning. I choose the intercheck client so it provides security for my computer particularly, I click next. And now finally the installation process starts. It takes quite a while to install it. When it gets to the end another window comes up asking if I want to Run the antivirus now or I just want to finish. The installation is completed. Effects of the activities These activities are done to maintain the performance and security of computer systems. Antivirus installed on a computer prevents viruses from infecting the computer as well as any other harmful software. That is a key to a fast working computer and secure. Harmful software like viruses can bring a lot of damage to the operating system causing instability and potential loss of important files. A full system scan is needed after every week of work as many files and webpages were brought on to the system and It needs checking for any harmful units to maintain the security and keep the system fast. Installation of Service Pack 2 patch is needed for new definitions of internet threats as well as performance of the OS. It brings a firewall to the system which protects the computer from harmful software coming in from the internetwork. New performance solutions makes the system faster, more stable and more reliable. Defragmenting hard drives is one of the ways to bring back data integrity lost when doing certain tasks or simply using the system. The files on hard drive get messesd up after time from various causes and need to be put in order to maintain the disk space. Formatting a hard drive ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC National diploma IT practitioners Assignment one Tutor: Sorie Rezakhani 1 Pawel Trembecki ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Computer Science section.

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